Nintendo 3DS Lite: Don't Hold Your Breath

IGN - Despite the incredible commercial success of the original Nintendo DS, the 3DS has had a rocky start marked by slow sales and a limited software lineup, which has lead to an unprecedented price cut of $80 just six months after launch. With Nintendo scrambling to recover, many are naturally wondering what the future of the 3DS will be, and how it will evolve in the near-term.

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axisofweevils2690d ago (Edited 2690d ago )

What a silly article.
Of course they're not going to release a new 3DS model. The console is only 4 months old.

If early adopters were annoyed at the price-drop, they'd be even more annoyed if Nintendo announced a 3DS redesign anytime soon.

Xof2690d ago

I don't think anyone cares about a 3DS lite.

Many of us, are, however, harboring some slim hope for a 3DS XL. Mostly because it's hard to justify replacing a DSi XL for a 3DS when it means a pretty substantial DOWNGRADE in screen size, just to play Ocarina of Time.

Unfortunately, that probably won't happen. The 3D technology is dependent on a number of factors--such as the distance between the eyes and the screen. A larger screen would require more distance between the player and the DS... possibly too much distance.

Of course, that's assuming the 3DS manages to sell well enough to warrant subsequent hardware iterations. Given how poorly suited the 3DS is for portable gaming (which is, I believe, the chief purpose of handheld consoles) it's doubtful that day will ever come.

jacksonmichael2690d ago

I would love it if they came out with one. It would just mean another 20 free games.