FN Podcast Episode 12: Avatar Kinect Now with Bears!

NotFNcute writes: "*NSFW* On Episode 12 of the FN Podcast, FN Shorty and Pryde celebrate their acceptance to PAX Prime with their very own trained bear, Jon Venture. The crew then reviews Avatar Kinect on Xbox 360, discusses their favorite happenings from San Diego Comic Con, and debate the late night hipster war between the Adult Swim and The 90’s are All That programming blocks. On Personal Space Invaders, the FN Girls help out a few of their FN Stalkers who sent questions about last week’s topic- mixed signals and miscommunication. Apparently, anything a woman does or doesn’t do means she’s just not that into you… I think… maybe…"

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FN_Pryde2693d ago

As always, this show is COMPLETELY **NSFW** proceed with caution. We might be girls but we are definitely NOT ladies!

An extra special disclaimer: After a horrible day wing sling'in, I had one (Shorty sized) drink. I was way too tipsy all episode. Poor Shortycakes had to make some rough edits to make this presentable to the world.

Enjoy! ^_^

Hitman07692693d ago

This should be a great episode. With all of the bears action going on Kinect is really at an untouchable point right now with excellence in gaming awards expected at the end of the year. AT least that's what you would think with all the starwars hype going through the roof!! LOL

Don't worry about the drink pryde i'm usually already drunk when I listen to the show anyways so it's kind of u to try and get on my level ;)

fn_titsmcgee2693d ago

Even THEY can't stand their own blabbing. they had to get wasted to handle their OWN podcast!

FN_Pryde2693d ago

Nice avatar! Thanks for the love!

ldjosh2693d ago

I think punchdrunk Pryde is probably my favorite person ever. It speaks to their geek talents that they can hold their own in the nerd forest WHILE holding their liquor.

These are true blue unicorns, gentlemen. Take notes.

fn_titsmcgee2693d ago

If she's your favorite person, you need to meet more people. Nice rack though.

ldjosh2693d ago

You're an asshole, mcgee, but you're right about the rack.