300,000 leave World of Warcraft, new content due this year

IncGamers: Number of subscribers drops to 11.1 million for quarter ending 30 June.

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the-thing-that-is2663d ago

300,000, i'm surprised it's not more than that. warcraft = crap.

Sprudling2663d ago

I'm one of those 300k, but I didn't leave because it was crap, because it's really not.

fatstarr2663d ago

its been like 10 years im sure they have beaten the game by now and once you are maxed in a mmo it makes no sense to play anymore but they still have over 10million and they used to pay a set price a set time every month so i dont get what the fuss is about.

Sprudling2663d ago

There is still a monthly subscription, and the price hasn't been changed even once.

doctorstrange2663d ago

Considering new people are still joining.

syrinx2663d ago

Blizzard are making some big mistakes, look at the Diablo 3 stuff they announced, they seem to be losing the plot and I think that happened with WoW around Cataclysm.

Drewminati2663d ago

Once they announce they release date of Starwars More will leave.. Including me, Been playing wow for 7 years now, it's time to hang it up

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