Forza Motorsport 4: Headtracking with Kinect

Demoing Forza Motorsports new Headtracking Feature.

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Perjoss2661d ago

its a shame, he only seems to get the hang of using it right near the end of the video, it does look cool but will it make any difference to the game? I suppose if you're coming up to a bend and theres another car beside you, this can be a problem in other racing games, but if you can look to your side to see if you're clear to cut in might be cool.

JokesOnYou2661d ago

Cool, most importantly it seems very responsive. I don't think its the greatest thing since sliced bread but its a nice little feature to have.

EasilyTheBest2661d ago

That looks great, if that works just as well in your home its a defo day 1 buy for me.
Itll be the 1st Forza game I have bought too.

Raven_Nomad2661d ago

Look's awesome! I'm glad Microsoft is implementing Kinect with more then just "Kinect only" games. There are so many different things it can do.

AAACE52661d ago

I was wondering how head tracking will work. It seems like it will finally end one of the problems that have plagued racing games forever, and thats not being able to look where you want in an easy way.

ironwolf2661d ago

I'm picking up one of the 250Gb Slim/Kinect bundles today or tomorrow (depending on how I feel when I get off work). I'm really looking forward to trying out this and the other Kinect features when Amazon delivers the game.

ironwolf2660d ago

It takes a real idiot to disagree with that statement. But then, what should be expected around here?

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