Why Mortal Kombat Beats Tekken Into The Ground

Gaming Irresponsibly speaks about what makes a true fighting game, and Callum states his opinions while pointing out the differences between the two franchises.

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farhsa20082603d ago

I have always been a MK fan and the new MK game is the best in years, just the sheer amount of added gameplay value is immense.

Halfazedninja2603d ago

The new MK is amazing! Tekken has always been a little stiff to me.

Xelestial2603d ago

I like both personally *shrugs*

Gran Touring2602d ago

LMFAO I'm sorry, I know the new MK game is good, but seriously this is their first game to really be taken seriously in a competitive environment as we all know 3D did not work for MK.