Eleven Games that Could Save the 3DS in 2011

Eleven 3DS games coming this year which could turn around the fortunes of the fledgeling handheld.

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Pikajew2394d ago

It already has a strong line up

Trunkz Jr2393d ago

Have you seen the 3DS Pokemon Pokedex? if they make a Pokemon game looking like that, that alone will sell the 3DS like hotcakes, nevermind Christmas.

Rrobba2394d ago

Mario and Pokemon are all it needs.

fatstarr2393d ago

Cave story, kid icarus , starfox and tales of the abyss. my money is already ready to buy them cant wait.

Venox20082393d ago

one piece, bit trip saga, shinobi maybe even Driver... :)

Kooper2393d ago

All we need is a 3D pokemon. A proper one.

jacksonmichael2393d ago


Oh, and the Pokedex 3D application has an update button... Gen 1 Pokemon in 3D? Yes, please.

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