Sony confirms UK Lair delay

While Sixaxis pads across American are being put through their motion-sensing paces with Lair, UK gamers are forced to wait even longer as Sony tells CVG that the game's European release has slipped... again.

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CyberSentinel4058d ago

Wait B3y0nd.

Blind Lemmings, This Is Waiting!

neil_19804058d ago

tbh dont think its going to make much odds... from what ive heard I wont be buying it anyway.

As long as we dont get p*ssed about too much with gta and gt i dont mind :)

Kemicalbeliefs4058d ago

Well seeing that I feel mugged anyway as a consumer, paying £425 for something which now costs less, under a year after being out, this doesnt help.
We keep getting delays, given the crappy leftovers of anything out there and taken for granted. Anybody in Europe and particularly in the UK can see this.

Therefore most of my games are 360 and the Christmas purchases will be aswell. I'll keep my PS3 for playing blu-rays because thats the only way I can justify it so far.