South Park Rocks with "Guitar Hero" Spoof

Ripten's Andrew Podolsky shares his thoughts on the latest South Park spoof. Will "Guitar Queer-O" win another Emmy?

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BenderDGreat824054d ago

and I had high hopes for this one : ( It was really stupid and incredibly unfunny. Come on, killed our imagination and invented the Couric! (speaking of guitar hero, does anybody know if the other GH's will play for the PS3 w/ the wireless guitar?)

solar4054d ago (Edited 4054d ago )

i think you might be dead.... XD

you mean use the ps3 guitar with GH1 and 2? i doubt it. i do know using the ps2 versions and ps2 guitar on the ps3 were very bad.

Nostradavis4053d ago


I agree this episode was funny.

San anto4054d ago

they were playin on the 360, when they reach 1 million points i just imagined the 360 RROD'd.

vgn244054d ago

poor fanboy has to imagine a rival console red rings because a show acknowledges one console over the other. lmfao at how pathetic you sound. Hopefully other PS3 owners agree that your statement is lame.

I don't think "mature" 360 owners hope PS3s break.

Skerj4054d ago

They were playing on a white/silver PS2 except for when Stan was playing Heroin Hero THAT was 360 and it looked like Bioshock. Oh yeah Okami in South Park for the 2nd time this season!!

Kururo4054d ago

I thought it was a hilarious episode.

Heroine hero ftw.

solar4054d ago

this episode was epic. hilarious. randy playing guitar hero in his undies late at night, when no one was looking and getting boo'ed off. lmao! i loved, absolutely loved the WoW episode. but this one beats it out by just a bit.

Prismo_Fillusion4054d ago

The WoW episode was better, but this one had some good moments. I could definitely see my dad waking up in the middle of the night and trying out one of my games in his underwear.

It is pretty sad that it's so "cool" to be great at Guitar Hero. I guess it's the same as Madden though, right?

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