MSXbox - Invincible Tiger 3D specific review

Msxbox-world dons the glasses and takes one of the first 3D enabled games on Xbox 360 for a 3D spin.

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HenryFord2662d ago (Edited 2662d ago )

I am sick and tired of this - it is NOT a PC GAME! Why is categorized as such? Please - remove the tag. Article would have been reported, but well, I can't.

jetlian2662d ago

matter? the game is 2 years old! really the article is about 3d

HenryFord2661d ago

And I am supposed to know this how exactly? Looked like a good game, got excited - and then, nah. The article is about the particular 3d effect of the game, not 3d itself.

jetlian2661d ago

back and dled it today and the 3d is very bad!! this is nowhere near 9/10 on a 3d scale. I would say 3/10 more like it.

If he liked this try motorstorm, crysis2, socom 4, etc

trollkill2662d ago

this game sucks i bought it for my ps3 years ago smh and 3d doesnt compare to real ps3 3d games that are stereoscopic.