Hard Reset is a truly old-school PC game

DSOGaming writes: "As we got our hands on Hard Reset's preview code, we really wanted to share some information with you before posting our PC performance analysis."

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wallis2691d ago

Unreal feel to it eh?

Unreal was an incredible game. I've always considered it a massive shame that the singleplayer universe never got the full attention it deserved from epic.

Still though, I really like the look of this game. I do think the colour palette is a little dull in the environment though.

A lot of angsty blue.

pr0digyZA2691d ago

This game really has come out of the blue ;)

Releasing in two months or less and not much info was given, will definately pick it up if it gets scores of more than 75%.

Raf1k12691d ago

No health regen. I'm a lot more interested in this game now.

solar2691d ago

ill be buying because of the central focus of making a PC game a "PC game". i bought the first Witcher, because CD Projekt sent out a thank you to all buyers of the game. i support PC dev's who do things like that.