Ignorance: The World's Fight Against Games

The ESRB: they decide what we should and should not play. Their initial verdict on Manhunt 2 was that it warranted an Adults Only rating. The UK decided to not allow the game at all. Rather than simply shelve the project, Rockstar toned down the game's content and resubmitted it to the ESRB, at which point the game managed to slide back down to a Mature rating. In some people's eyes, forcing Rockstar to alter the game may seem like something done for the greater good. Less virtual violence will prevent any real life incidents, right? But in reality, it's part of an ongoing effort to limit video game developers' freedom.

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Xbox is the BEST3685d ago

the hell will tell me I can't play video games?

Led Zeppelin3685d ago

More bullshit censorship... I hate the ESRB and the FCC.

jinn3685d ago

don't worry, Masterchief, Mario, DK, Sonic, Altair, Marcus Fenix, Cloud, Link, Ryu & Ken, Sora, Snake, and Dante will save us. lorl

esreveR3685d ago

Altiar will save us, all the others will just sit and watch ;)

esreveR3685d ago

I don't understand how I can go see some of the most f##ed up movies ever, like saw and grindhouse, but I can't play an equally f##ed up game such as Manhunt if I happen to live in the UK (which I don't). How many movies have been banned for being too depraved? I don't think I've ever heard of a case like that (I'm sure it's happens, I just havn't heard of it). I wonder just how crazy Rockstar made Manhunt...I don't see how it could be any worse than some of the things we see in movies these days.

KidMakeshift3685d ago

To tour schools and spread the word about violent video games through song and dance. It's like D.A.R.E. but gayer.

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