Euclidean Start Red Letter Day for Graphics?

Benjamin Fan of GamerGaia writes: The computer graphics of today, picturesque as they may seem, are based upon polygons consisting of staight lines and edges. What if we could change how we create images, so as to bring even better graphics to systems? If I was to tell you that someone has claimed that they could do this on even a low-end PC, would you believe me? I am going to break down Euclidean's recent announcements surrounding the company's thinking on how to bring intensely realistic graphics to even the simplest computer, and will give you the run-down on what others think of the news and its implementations.

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danswayuk2661d ago

Not all great ideas like this, if true, reach the consumer thanks to the powers that be wanting to keep earning money. The games industry is not the only area where people at the top block cheaper technology reaching the consumer.