Nearly 25 years later, The Last Starfighter game finally released

Normally, video games based off of a movie come out in close proximity to the movie. The fact that Starfighter which holds its inspiration from the 1984 film The Last Starfighter is coming out just

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jinn4053d ago

FINALLY!!! for crying loud. lol

darthv724053d ago

I dig that movie and always wondered why there really wasn't a game in the arcades. Time to go home and watch the dvd.

Loopy4053d ago

Grafx were better than Star Wars at the time.

tplarkin74053d ago

They didn't have 3D graphics in the arcades back then. They would have had to use vector graphics or sprites. That wouldn't look like the movie at all.

Skerj4053d ago (Edited 4053d ago )

I wonder if I get a high score on it if aliens really will recruit me for an intergalactic war. WOW you can definately see how old some of us are here hahaha. It actually did come out for NES though except it wasn't the game in the movie, it was just based on the movie. So a movie game about a game that's not in the aforementioned game.

YoungKingDoran4053d ago

uh oh ive gone crosseyed...