Helen Mirren credits Wii Fit for her “Best Body of the Year”

Amazing results can happen if you work diligently enough at making your Wii Fit avatar slim and smiling instead of flabby and frowning. 66-year-old actress Helen Mirren was voted “Best Body of the Year” in an L.A. Fitness poll, beating out contenders like Jennifer Lopez and Elle Macpherson, and according to Shape, she gives credit to “regular walks with her dog and playing on the Wii Fit”.

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Septic2690d ago

I reckon her fitness is attributed more to the fact that she wakes up an hour early every morning to make love to her other half.

True story.

WhiteLightning2689d ago

Wow she has quite big..."things" for an old person dosen't she.

I'd love to see her play Kate in an Uncharted movie...that is if it does well enough to get sequels.

HemDroid2689d ago (Edited 2689d ago )

I'm gonna have one of them memory thingies over that pic

StarWolf2689d ago

shes gonnna hate the wii-u lol

jbiz3302689d ago

shes fine as hell for her age.. I always thought so at least.. Yall shoulda seen her when she was younger though.. crazy.

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