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6 More Games to Get Excited About in 2012

Yesterday we wrote about 10 Games To Get Excited About in 2012 and we seemed to have missed some of our readers favorites, so today we are following up with 6 more games to get excited about in 2012! (Borderlands 2, Darksiders 2, God of War 4, PC, PS3, S.T.A.L.K.E.R. 2, Starhawk, The Last Guardian, Xbox 360)

Kran  +   991d ago
They all better be before the world ends!!

Cmpunk  +   990d ago
my only responce

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ilikegam3s  +   990d ago
Lol, they really wanted everyone to know that kratos is still alive hahah.
grailly  +   990d ago
I'm actually more exited for these 6 games than the 10 others.

note: little inversion between the stahawk and last guardian video
AverageGamer  +   990d ago
Oops! Fixed.
AverageGamer  +   990d ago
What games are you most excited for?
jagstatboy  +   990d ago
Call of Duty: Black Ops 2

(just kidding)
iWishTifaWasReal  +   990d ago
forgetting Last Guardian is a serious offence -,-
acemonkey  +   990d ago
its whatever good list but god of war 4...im sure they said if they made another God of war game they would make it free and dlc? what happen to that? if that was true
BitbyDeath  +   990d ago
I don't know what Darksiders 2 is but the others look to be great buys.

Starhawk FTW!
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