HAWP’s Anthony Burch takes reigns on Borderlands 2′s “ambitiously crafted story”

VG247: "For the uninitiated, Hey Ash Whatcha Playin’ (aka, “HAWP”) is a wonderful thing. No. no, stop reading. Go. Watch. We’ll wait. OK, now suitably delighted, you are fit to understand the magnitude of this announcement. The official HAWP site brings word that Anthony Burch is turning his multi-scoped acid-spewing rocket shotgun of a brain on Borderlands 2′s plot. “Anthony is the man behind the story of Borderlands 2,” said Ash. Hey, Whatcha, and Playin’ weren’t available for comment."

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SonyNGP2686d ago

This should be interesting...

majiebeast2686d ago

That godawful webshow that should be wiped of the face of the earth. The writer of that is doing the borderlands 2 story be prepared for a worse story then 1.

vickers5002686d ago

Aww come on, some of their stuff is funny (though admittedly I haven't seen a LOT of it, but what I have seen is either usually funny or decent).

TravUK2686d ago

Thank god we don't play Borderlands for the story. :P

CanadianTurtle2686d ago

For someone like gearbox, I'd be smarter to hire someone better. Just saying. I'm still gonna love Borderlands2, just saying.