Exclusive Mass Effect Trailer

Here is a new exclusive trailer, presented by Yahoo! Games, of the highly anticipated RPG Mass Effect.

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predator4051d ago

holy torlito im gona have fun with

Feihc Retsam4051d ago

Looks very cinematic...
And pretty to boot...
I can't wait to slip that disc out of the box and f*ck the sh*t out of it!!... I mean-

Keyser4051d ago (Edited 4051d ago )

They left just enough mystery about what twists and turns the story will take to keep you interested.

This will definitely be getting a lot of spin in my 360.

Give props where they're due...

CrazzyMan4051d ago (Edited 4051d ago )

it looks very nice, holywood moovie style,
only that gameplay doesn`t look very fun, and gameplay graphics are not that good as in ingame cut-scenes..

Silver Bull3t4051d ago

Interesting if true,.. Considering it uses the game engine to render cut-scenes.

ben hates you4051d ago

if you have nothing good to say, then shut the FÜCK up

CrazzyMan4051d ago


i just said MY opinion, about all what i`ve seen from this game.
and if "it looks very nice, holywood moovie style," - means "nothing good to say",
then just go to school, because your brains just like 6 years old kid.

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TheMART4051d ago

Crazzyman you just wanted it to be on PS3. We all know it, your comments are all the same

Doesn't matter. Another AAA 360 game with an average review that'll hit over 9.5. There ain't no PS3 exclusives that have reached that level huh. Not even 90% or over. mmhhhh

With this movie again... I can't wait for Mass Effect!!!

Neurotoxin4051d ago

Comments all the same........ haha, good one coming from you Mart.

Anyway game looks awesome, hope you 360 peeps enjoy it.

jcgamer4051d ago (Edited 4051d ago )

MASS EFFECT..."Rated M for Mature..." XBOX 360...Jump In.

Day one purchase for JCgamer, and a must have holiday item for any adult Xbox 360 owner...absolutely awesome...

MK_Red4051d ago

And if someone's not a 360 owner, they HAVE to buy it for this masterpiece.

Seriously awesome. 1st day purchase here as well. BioWare + M rated RPG = Endless awesomeness.

jcgamer4051d ago

I agree bro...if I didn't have a 360, I would be getting one for on...and the soundtrack sounds like a must have as well...

MK_Red4051d ago

Agreed, the soundtrack sounds incredible but hey, it's BioWare and their games always have superb and epic music. Game on :)

M1am1U4051d ago

although, I'm really sick of talking about it. It's been on my wishlist since I preordered it last December, when it was supposed to be released in February. I am more than ready to get my hands on it. 8)

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bizzy124051d ago

dam off the meter man good trailer cant wait to get my hand on the beast to many games to play thank xbox for this year blockbuster of games thats comming and came already