Limitless Director Neil Burger Talks 'Uncharted' Film

Neil Burger compares the lead characters of Limitless with Uncharted and discusses his thought process in directing and planning out the upcoming film Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune

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JoelT2570d ago

Please no one let Hollywood mess this up.

Cmpunk2570d ago

when was the last time sony picture's had a bad movie?

tboyshinobi2566d ago

i'm assuming you're being sarcastic or you forgot Spider-Man 3

THC CELL2570d ago

If they use at least bradly cooper I will be happy

Pozzle2570d ago

Or the actual voice actors.

...I can hope, right? :O

Andronix2570d ago (Edited 2570d ago )

Bradley Cooper is definitely an option! Listening to Neil Burger sounds like he is impressed by the actor's ability to be slightly morally ambiguous but keep the audience on-side. Sounds like a certain Nathan Drake?

I really love that Burger has at least played the Uncharted games!

BitbyDeath2570d ago

I still think Bradley Cooper would be better suited to the role of Flynn.

They both act, look and sound alike.

Jejojaja2570d ago

It's almost already like a national treasure movie! No need for a hollywood movie

Pozzle2570d ago

On the bright side, if this movie is even a little bit good, it might inspire some people to buy the game series.
So there's that, at least.

tboyshinobi2566d ago

that's true. xbox 360 will probably lose a couple fanboys

tigertron2570d ago

1) Stick to the source material.
2) Cast Nathan Fillion as Drake.
3) Involve ND as much as possible.

Quagmire2570d ago

Definitely stick to the source material, however some changes will be expected in order to compensate the change into a different media form.

At first, I was liking the idea of NF as Drake, however upon the change of director and Burger's use of Bradley Cooper in Limitless, I'd say he's the perfect fit. He's capable of the charm, wit and humor of drake, and a bit of makeup, wardrobe change and a hairstyle to go, he wouldnt be too dissimilar to Drake. Plus, BC is a bigger name and bigger draw to the mass audience than Nathan Fillion.

ND should have some form of influence, advice and suggestions, however despite ND and Neil Burger operating in the craft of different media, ND will need to respect film-making decisions and cuts necessary in order to make a capable film.

Overall, it cant be any worse than what Dickhead O'Rustballs had in mind.

stephmhishot2570d ago

Ugh please no Bradley Cooper, I can't stand that guy.

vickers5002570d ago

Limitless was good, but I just can't see BC playing Drake at all. Nathan Fillion would be a much more convincing Drake than BC.

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