I Liked Catherine Until...

GP Editor Marcus Estrada discusses his thoughts on a controversial scene in Catherine. Did Atlus go too far?

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SoulMisaki2689d ago

This is a pathetic article. One scene of a woman hitting a man who didn't tell her about his girlfriend, turns you off a game? Put yourself in her shoes.

You're fine with shooting down many people who might have had families in FPS games. But ohhhhhh no, if someone gets lied to, cheated on, gets angry, and hits someone for it, it's suddenly a horrible game.

I will never get the ignorant masses.

blackburn102689d ago

I agree. So many games have you breaking people's necks, stomping on and blowing up living things, stabbing them through the chest etc.

But as soon as something like this happens in games somehow its controversial and everyone is against it. Everyone is just fine with mowing down hordes of people or living things. She hit him because she was angry that he didn't tell her and it was deserved actually.

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JoGam2689d ago

I was about to click the link until......

Something told me to read the comment section first. So glad I did.

Reibooi2689d ago

This guy is a moron. That scene is done PERFECTLY. I mean throughout the game you kinda get that there is something off about Catherine and that she may be crazy or something but you can never quite put your finger on it.

When this scene occurs it makes it perfectly clear to the player that she is insane and the picture starts to become more clear.

Also the guy is a moron. Just because he doesn't like that scene doesn't make it a controversial one. No one else has had a issue with it so he needs to stop acting like his opinion influences all of the gaming media.

Sabian1872689d ago (Edited 2689d ago )

The scene was done perfectly, but I can also see his point of view.
I wouldn't call him a moron for just stating his opinion on a subject that he feels strongly about.
I came from an abusive childhood.
When that scene first started I kinda felt uncomfortable then I went to the ""It's only a video game"" area of my head and got over it very quickly and started laughing around the spleen part.
These days...
I have a strong opinion about actual domestic abuse. I have and will always intervene on behalf of a woman getting beaten.
On the other hand if a dude is getting his ass handed to him by his girlfriend, I go to the ""what did he do" and the "he probably deserves it"" mind set mainly because I'm a guy and I have done some stupid thing before that got me a much deserved slap.

Me and my significant other are in a domestic abuse "how to" class....Couples Kickboxing
Fighting has become very good foreplay.

Reibooi2689d ago (Edited 2689d ago )

perhaps moron is a bit harsh but my opinion still stands.

Even if you have issues with the scene it's no reason to stop liking the game or anything(which is what he implies here saying he liked it until he saw said scene).

Also the whole domestic abuse thing isn't even a issue in my opinion. The scene is clearly played from a humorous angle. Sure if it was done seriously it might have been a different story. But when they have the screen shake from punches and have what are clearly cartoony like sound effects all the while Vincent is saying stuff like referring to his spleen as you mentioned. It's clearly done in a way that wasn't done to invoke abuse but instead to let the player know Catherine is crazy. Which as I mentioned the scene does perfectly.

Also as mentioned just because HE thought said scene was controversial doesn't mean anyone else in the media does. It's not like sites have been treating the scene as the new Hot Coffee. So much is this the case that when I was reading the article I didn't see what he was getting at until he describes the scene in question whereas you would KNOW what was such a controversy if it really was. Such as people not really needing to read a article about Modern Warfare to know the controversy was over the No Russian mission.

He is making a big deal out of nothing and trying to make it seem as if it's a really big deal when it isn't. As tiffac says farther down he is putting to much thought into a scene that was clearly played for humor rather then to be serious.

Cosmo8112689d ago

The bitch left the kitchen, she was asking for it.

Fucking love that logic there.

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Red_Phoenix2689d ago

**Major Spoiler Ahead**
She's a succubus, lol. Last I checked, demons are not the most friendly type of people. Especially if their main goal is to destroy the life of a man.
**End Spoiler**

Who ever said they were making fun of abuse in the first place? It's not like they were specifically referencing to any case of abuse. It just tied into the story and made sense. Should movies get rid of their abuse scenes too? It's only a game...

Roscoe3zz2689d ago

Marcus needs to grow some balls.
Thats my 2 cents.

ShadowJetX2689d ago

You need more original insults, thats my 1 dollar of worth of an opinion.

Pozzle2689d ago


I...didn't realize this scene was being played as a joke? I think it was showing that Catherine isn't quite as sweet and innocent as the game has been portraying her. It was showing that she is dangerous and that there isn't something quite 'right' with her.

That's the impression I got, anyway.

Alos882689d ago

"For a woman to be harmed is beyond cruel, but for a man to be "hurt by a girl" is hilarious."
But it is hilarious, providing she wasn't using a weapon.

BeOneWithTheGun2689d ago

Exactly. A woman kicking the crap out of a guy IS funny. 99.99999% of guys can easily defend themselves or leave the situation.

With games like Manhunt, Shadow of the Damned, and Mortal Kombat, we are gonna whine about this???

ShadowJetX2689d ago

"With games like Manhunt, Shadow of the Damned, and Mortal Kombat, we are gonna whine about this???"

It appears as such.

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