Microsoft trademarks 'Iron Brigade' for video game use

Joystiq writes: Either Microsoft is planning on releasing a new military shooter, or it's really getting into organizing its heavy metals into tightly regimented platoons. The company recently filed a trademark with the USPTO for computer game software titled "Iron Brigade," a possible reference to a Union army unit which served during the American Civil War.

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aviator1892606d ago (Edited 2606d ago )

Hmm, that's interesting.
It could be something similar to Age of Empires for the consoles or something completely different.

Cmpunk2606d ago

to bad it will be a mediocre kinect title

opinska2606d ago (Edited 2606d ago )

Stop trolling...

newleaf2606d ago

Not going to get excited until I see that this is devoid of Kinect and is not xbla title

TheDareDevil2606d ago

Yea, lately MS is just concentrating on XBLA and Kinect.
I'm tired of shooters that take place in the past though. Hopefully, it's a shooter

aviator1892606d ago

Actually, I wouldn't mind a shooter from history events at all. The majority of shooters nowadays are modern and, frankly, I'm craving for a game that takes you back in history.

JellyJelly2606d ago

I'm not into Kinect but I love what MS has been doing with XBLA this year. Games like Bastion, From Dust, Insanely Twisted Shadow Planet, Trenched etc are perfect for the summer imo.

Why o why2606d ago

true, although many xbla/psn games are quality It wouldnt harm their library by having a few more retail non kinect games being in the pipeline.

qwertyz2606d ago

they also trademarked "fusion" that may be their nextbox who really knows ? only time will tell if this Iron brigade is a non kinect AAA exclusive

Raven_Nomad2606d ago

It's a PC game obviously. People need to learn to read the articles before commenting.

Hatiko2606d ago

Computer software doesn't equal pc software.