Halo's importance to Microsoft greater than that of any Sony IP to PlayStation

MMGN writes: The importance of the videogame exclusive to a platform brand cannot be questioned. The exclusive defines and establishes a brand in a market, allowing consumers to associate the product to the platform it's exclusively available on.

Nintendo thrives on its first-party exclusive titles. You think of Nintendo, you think of Mario. Sony's advantage in this case is that there is no distinctive brand or character that is automatically associated with any PlayStation platform, and that gives the company plenty of freedom to be creative and risky.

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fluffydelusions2665d ago

I understand. Halo was there from the start but I think Sony's baby is gran turismo.

BrianG2665d ago

I agree that the GT series is one of the key IP's Sony has right now. Also one of the longest running series on Playstation platforms.

Uncharted is doing great. Little Big Planet made a good hit this Gen.

fr0sty2665d ago

Of course, it's the only thing they have to rely on. Without that game, MS wouldn't be where they are today.

evrfighter2665d ago

times change. halo and cod will go the route of doom, unreal, and quake if they can't evolve.

vishant1012665d ago

doom is not dead they just only make one every generation usually towards the end the doom engine is the game that truly shows the true power of technology.

DualConsoleOwner2665d ago

and now MS is just milking it

blackmagic2665d ago (Edited 2665d ago )

Halo is an important franchise but halo 3 is the best selling game on 360 with about 11 million but there are now about 55 million 360's out there so that still leaves 80% if 360 owners, the vast majority, who have no interest in the franchise.

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Godchild10202665d ago (Edited 2665d ago )

Gran turismo is Sony's baby that is the only reason it can get delayed without Sony catching a fit.

The difference is MS won't let any good Developer create new a IP and build a new franchise because they will all be shooters. Looking at Gears. Great franchise but what will happen with the story after the third one. They can't put the crew to sleep and have some one else have a story in the game. I'm sure there are retail games other than Forza and Fable that sell but none of them will reach Halo status. Most 360 users play shooters and that is what mostly sells on the 360. Correct me if I'm wrong. Same as Nintendo but they have new IPs that just help them get by but nothing over the top. Nintendo will never find a new IP that can meet or match Mario, Zelda or Pokemon.

While Sony on the other hand takes risks. LPB, Heavy Rain, infamous and Modnation come to mind. We don't get 5 games from the same franchise unless it's on a different Sony platform.

In all I'm not saying MS or Nintendo are afraid to take risk but there hasn't been a game that can reach the same level as their Console sellers like Sony has done with Killzone, Uncharted, LBP, Infamous and you can even throw in Socom.

Agree or not but we all know what company takes more risk and gambles more than the others. That can change next year so don't quote me on any of this.

forcefullpower2665d ago

Actually Gears of War put the 360 on the map not halo. I think if all the 360 outputted was Halo i dont think it would have done as good.

In the UK anyway most people i know bough a 360 because of Gears not Halo.

vishant1012665d ago

halo is the xbox brands swan song but gears was the 360's silver bullet.

Bladesfist2665d ago

@Fr0sty LMAO. Without halo microsoft will still be the biggest it company.

Solid_Snake-2665d ago

my friend who has been an xbox gamer most his gaming life has gone and bought a PS3 just for GT as hes a massive racing sim fan so you could be right on that.

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Bigpappy2665d ago

Well Halo just sells more than any of Sony's IP's. I would compare it more to Mario for Nintendo.

Surfaced2665d ago

Even without Mario, Nintendo has a wealth of solid fallbacks.

Without Halo, Microsoft is....

_Aarix_2663d ago

With gears, forza and fable

Godchild10202665d ago (Edited 2665d ago )

Why do they sell more? How many users play the online on the 360 compared to the singleplayer? Out of 100 people that has a 360 and played or plays halo, how many of them will say they know anything about the story. Less than 30% if that many.

In school and at work all I hear is the best part of halo Reach is the firefight mode. I'm not going to lie that is one of the best modes but I couldn't care less to play the SP once I hit the MP. I had to watch my nephews play the SP to see how it ends and that I can't remember.

Halo Anniversary will sell but not solely for the SP but for the Online.

KingDustero2665d ago

Actually if rumors are true Halo Anniversary will sell just for the beta code.

ODST sold well due to having a beta code for Halo Reach with it. The same thing will happen with Halo Anniversary.

In the end though Sony has more than a handful of exclusives each year that sell well. M$ has ONE exclusive each year that sells very well. In the end though Sony is the one who makes MORE money off games than M$ each year. It doesn't matter if Uncharted sells less than Gears because overall Sony's exclusives sell more than M$'s each year.

I myself wish the 360 had more variety in exclusives. The ONLY one I like some is Halo. However there is not longer a point to spend $60 just to play it online for a month or two. The PS3 on the other hand offers exclusives from ALL genres. Plus overall I like Sony's exclusives more. My 360 is basically a dust collector now due to the lack of exclusives.

k-dillinger2665d ago

thats funny becuz im sure gt5 outsold halo reach and set to outsell halo 3 before years end and it will do it in a year so try again

newleaf2665d ago (Edited 2665d ago )

Lol what are you smoking? Halo Reach is nearing 8.6 million and is still in sales charts albeit in the 20's. GT5 is on 6.xx million and has not been in top 40 sales charts in months. There is no way on this green earth that GT5 has outsold Reach, NO WAY.
To the disagreers, I will accept ANY source that says otherwise. ANY source that shows that GT5 has now sold over 8.6 million. Even a forum post of a deranged fan lol

TheDareDevil2665d ago

What newleaf said is true. Reach currently sits at 8.5 million and GT5 is 6.xx million, and Reach is still outselling GT5.

OT: I think what MS did with Crackdown, they can do with other new IP's. Introduce a new IP and put a Halo 4 beta code in there. In that way, the new IP will atleast gain recognition and get decent sales.

Information Minister2665d ago

It's funny how you're asking other people for their sources, while not revealing your own. And don't go linking to vgchartz now. We're interested in real world numbers, not guesstimates.

Cmpunk2665d ago

grand turismo sells better then halo GTFO

firemassacre2665d ago

gran turismo is a way better seller than halo.

shikamaroooo2665d ago (Edited 2665d ago )

I'm pretty sure gran turismo sells more then halo gran turismo was at 6 million around January if I'm not mistaken plus every gran turismo game sells more then 9 million

kreate2665d ago

its pretty sad if a car racing game beats a popular shooter game in sales.

kreate2665d ago


cuz the shooter genre has a significantly larger audience than a car racing game in general.

theonlylolking2665d ago

GT sells more than halo. GT5 since release has sold over 6 million units. Even though that is not higher than halo 3's or halo reach sales it is still a whole lot.

The granturismo's series overall sales destroy halo's with over 61 million units sold.

For gamers sales shouldnt mean anything. It is about the better game and GT5 is the better game.

stvn_k262665d ago (Edited 2665d ago )

halo sells more than any of Sony's IP's?? really?

Gran Turismo: 10,850,000
Gran Turismo 2: 9,370,000
Gran Turismo 3: 14,890,000
Gran Turismo 4: 11,060,000
Gran Turismo(PSP): 2,960,000
Gran Turismo 5: 6,370,000

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Gaetano2665d ago

I just think that Sony is a little less reliant on those exclusives, whereas Microsoft's Xbox brand was essentially built up around the success of the first two Halo titles. Nothing wrong with that at all though.

KingDustero2665d ago

So a company that doesn't make a penny off the hardware doesn't rely on exclusives?

Why does Sony release so many exclusives each year if they didn't need to. The PS3 now brings in basically no money from sells. The PS2 was the same way for most of it's lifespan. Sony ALWAYS sells their hardware at a loss and makes up everything in games.

Out of the big three Sony is the MOST reliant on exclusives. Without exclusives they couldn't make enough money to stay open. Nintendo and M$ on the other hand would do fine without making money off games.

dp2774072665d ago

I feel stupid just for reading that to the end.

hiredhelp2665d ago

No company makes any hardware to make no profit.
Every hardware is made at cost to Them' cost that they can gain from.
Look at the chips for example they have reduced the size its a kill 2 birds with 1 stone. By reducing the chip usin less dye it means you be saving same time. Its produces less heat. Given the life span of that hardware longer life.

Im no 360 fan But eventually ms got there act together after couple years brought out the elite. Reduced the nano chip's alot less hardware failer this also means ppl wont be expecting replacements from them. Witch also save them money.

Another example. Of what the benifits are of reducing commponant sizes. Means you get a slimmer console. That saves movey in production. Its just common sense. Plus some company's even make there own hardware also saving more money.

radphil2665d ago

"Out of the big three Sony is the MOST reliant on exclusives. Without exclusives they couldn't make enough money to stay open. Nintendo and M$ on the other hand would do fine without making money off games."

*facedesk* x 100

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Buuhan12665d ago

Microsoft puts its entire well-being into Halo, that is a very dangerous tactic. With the exception of Halo and Gears, Microsoft has no big exclusives to make their console the one to own. This generation I think they're not concerned about having big exclusives like Sony is, because they have their console in more homes than the PS3, they always have.

But we're going to be entering a new generation soon and Microsoft can't count on them being chosen over the PS4 simply cause more people in the US had a 360. They're going to need some serious exclusives, some new ones. I don't like exclusives and I'm a Sony gamer, so I rather there not be Microsoft exclusives, but I also fully understand business and see that it is something that Microsoft is going to have to do this upcoming generation.

Halo 5 and Gears of War 4 would no doubt sell quite a few consoles, but they're going to need to really think up some new IPs to really make it the must own console of next generation. The same goes for Nintendo and Sony, but they already have a lot of exclusive properties.

newleaf2665d ago

Forza, highest rated racing series this gen might have something to say about that. At 4 million for forza 2 and 4.7 for forza 3, it sells more than the uncharted series and is a makes 360 a must own for anyone that wants to play the definitive racing game this gen, next gen too...true story

Godchild10202665d ago

How can you compare Forza to uncharted? GT5 has more sales and that is a game you can compare Forza to.

Also Forza is great because it has engine swapping and customization. The second reason why I bought a 360.

P_Bomb2665d ago (Edited 2665d ago )

Yes Forza sells but it also gets outsold, most notably by its closest competitor. Gran Turismo 5 outsold both the 360 Forza games you mentioned, so the mystique of a Halo is simply not there. Metal Gear Solid 4 outsold both Forzas too, so Uncharted's numbers are a moot point.

Be that as it may, Uncharted 2 did sell more than Forza 2, as did LittleBigPlanet. GOW3 is closing in too, so if anything it underscores the article's point. Two companies diversify, one doesn't.

Cut off Mario & Sackboy...Link, Samus, Kratos and Drake are there to pick up the slack. Lose Master Chief...there's no first party game(s) there to do the same at that same level.

TBM2665d ago

hey newleaf forza is the most heavily bundled game in microsoft stable. the game barely gets to a million on its own before microsoft throws it into a bundle. if they didnt do that both 2,3 would never have seen those extra 3 million in sales.

get your facts straight.

jetlian2665d ago

forza is classed as bundled same could be said about GT,UC

SoapShoes2665d ago

If your numbers are correct Newleaf, then you are wrong. 4.7 million does not beat the 5+ million of Uncharted 2.

cliffbo2665d ago

yeah its a must own if you want loads of bugs and a poor arcade simulation grow up and buy a real console or are you American and sticking to what you think is your countries console which it aint since 99% of the parts are from china.

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Venox20082665d ago

they don't have anything more, sure they do