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Submitted by gaminoz 1653d ago | review

OXCGN’s Trenched XBLA Review: A Gem in No Man’s Land


"World War I is a topic that gaming has generally avoided.
Not because of the brutality of war, the unrelenting fight those brave men fought, or the atrocities that come with conflict.

It’s an avoided subject because it’s something that gaming has extreme trouble making entertaining, simply because of how similar the entire war was.

Stay in your trench. Survive bombardment. Fight off the charge. When the enemy retreats, take their trench. If failure, retreat.
Wash, rinse and repeat.

Thankfully, Tim Schafer’s genius studio Double Fine has created their own alternate take on the war, Trenched, and it’s a gem in no man’s land." (Trenched, Xbox 360)
Tipsed by: XboxOZ360

Belgavion  +   1653d ago
Great game, great value. Double Fine are beyond wonderful.
XboxOZ360  +   1653d ago
An interesting bent on an old topic, looks like loads of fun.
gaminoz  +   1653d ago
As with a lot of XBLA titles, it looks a bit strange, but also like lots of fun!
Veeger  +   1653d ago
Interesting design in another shooter. But I understand you can't give a game less than 9 if your ancient console is dying. I've had a good laugh at Xbox game scores for the last year or so.
hazelamy  +   1653d ago
and maybe one day we'll see it in europe.

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