Motion Control: The good, the bad, & the ugly

Destructoid - Motion control it seems is a dicey topic for gamers because, due to the wide range of opinions regarding it; conversations will either boil down to people complaining about “gimmicks” infesting gaming and that the traditional way of gaming is the true way or people defending it proclaiming that it’s the dawn of a new age in gaming and Wii’s lifetime sales justify its place, followed by PC gamers jumping in claiming their way is the only way.

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Bigpappy2667d ago

You know, I actually agree with the first paragraph. It was all down hill after that.

Agent-862667d ago

Actually a good article and nails my sentiments exactly. But, then again, like the author, I'm not a fan of motion gaming either. Just so gimmicky to me. But, of the three, I have to agree with him that the Sony Move is the only one that's remotely interesting. Still not for me, but at least it's accurate and can be incorporated into core games that I like to play. To each their own, but I just prefer my KB/M for PC gaming and my controller for console gaming. They have been perfected over the years and really don't need replacing.