Why I'm Happy That Battlefield 3 Isn't Going Annual

James Pungello of GamerGaia writes "DICE has stated that they have no plans to annualize the Battlefield franchise and that they feel no pressure from publisher EA to do so. This is welcome news to many gamers who had feared the Battlefield franchise would go the route of Call of Duty and become an annual thing. This is a good and bad thing that could eventually kills some franchises and I am personally very happy that DICE and EA are not going down this route, here is why."

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Calidreth2691d ago

I'm glad that they aren't doing a yearly thing. To be honest, the quicker you put out a game, the sloppier the series tends to get. Just hoping BF3 is as good as 2 (not a big fan of BC).

Shackdaddy8362691d ago

I remember when they first announced CoD was going annual back when CoD 2 was coming out. I was super excited... Oh how wrong I was...

AngelicIceDiamond2690d ago

Battlefield couldn't really afford to come out yearly because of the engine they have, that engine really is something special, well they could release it every year but the console version would be none existent it would be PC only so thank god they don't have an annual game release dates.

death2smoochie2690d ago

When a game goes "annual" it becomes a tired rehash with the same game mechanics and graphics etc.