Atomic: Smashing the digital swear jar

Atomic: The online gaming community is comfortable with digitally murdering each other, but when it comes to swearing, we're still divided. We take a look at the issue and draw a line in the sand.

"Doubtlessly, you’ve all seen it: gaming servers whose rules aren’t so much concerned with prioritising fair gameplay as much as they are condoning the use of more colourful language as forms of expression. Some list a flat out ban on swearing, while others indicate which words are acceptable by highlighting those that are not. You might be flat strapped to find server rules or a moderator who will bat an eyelid at the use of ‘crap’, ‘bloody’ or ‘shit’ but lob an f-bomb or, if your nasty word vocabulary reaches further down the naughty hole, launch a c-nuke and you’ll be sure to ruffle some feathers. The use of either of these two words can be met with complaints, warnings or even a banning if you continue to push your luck."

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Cal6642694d ago

It just comes back to the same thing every time. I can kill you however i please but I call you a dick on the way down and everyone gets upset.