Ubisoft confirms gamescom 2011 line-up, see photos of Ubisoft at gamescom 2010

El33tonline writes:

"French publisher Ubisoft has recently revealed the full line-up of games it intends to show at gamescom in Germany this month, with a number of heavy-hitters included in the list.

As we rummage through that list of games and look forward to feasting on Ubisoft’s assortment of interactive goodies (both in playable and presentation form) coming to gamescom 2011, we’re also going to take a quick look back at the sights that Ubisoft brought with it to last year’s edition of the massive videogame event in Cologne, with photos El33tonline snapped at gamescom 2010."

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BaSeBaLlKiD7212661d ago

as long they don't have Mr. Caffeine and show the new Rainbow Six then they will have a rock solid show.

Letros2661d ago

Mmm Trackmania 2, can't wait to see more footage, game looks incredible.