The Five Worst Types of Achievements/Trophies

GP blogger, Paganostaghetti writes, "We’ve all seen these, objectives that seem like they are really clever, but in the end, are a waste of time. When achievements were first introduced in gaming, games would award you for simple things like simply failing a song. These are not what I want to put emphasis on here, rather, I’d like to point out the ones that aren’t as clever or worth playing through as developers would like you to believe."

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trainsinrdr2694d ago

Ridiculous online trophies like get 10,000 kills or reach top rank.

The Matrix2693d ago (Edited 2693d ago )

Agreed, those online multiplayer achievements are the devil. Any online achievement in an EA game is also hard to get. Why? Because the online only lasts for 1 year. -_-

Elimin82693d ago

Agree with all the points in this article...... As of last night, I told a friend I'll help him get trophies if he needs the help but me... Fuck it.. I hate grinding/MP and I hate searching for crap.. Never cared for them but did enjoy getting them for games that I seriously enjoy but it seems now every game has beat game on xxxxx dificulties 50x, collect 1mill flags kill 1bill players....

NewZealander2694d ago

i just got the platinum for modnation, that was pure grinding hell!

jeeves862694d ago

The "get through the level" trophy/achievement, which ultimately leads to the "you beat the game" trophy/achievement. The latter is not nearly as bad as the former...

El-Fenemeno12132693d ago

Multiplayer achievements are my enemy. Especially when the multiplayer is just tacked on and completely sucks.

The Matrix2693d ago

Gears seriously achievements are so dumb. Or maybe I am for getting them...

crzyjackbauer2693d ago

mile high club in COD4
one of the hardest ones for me so far

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The story is too old to be commented.