New Vindictus video shows the succubus and the demon Glas

Nexon has released a new video giving PC gamers a look at Episode 8, Pt. 2 of its free-to-play MMO Vindictus.

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ATi_Elite2663d ago

WOW can't wait to see some HOT Succubus Cosplay!

I may have to start playing Vindictus, after all it is free and already on my HDD

Spenok2662d ago

Its installed and you havent played it yet?

Man you are missing out. This an awesome F2P Mmo. One of the best imo.

ATi_Elite2662d ago

Yeh it's already installed and ready to go but i haven't taken the time to play it. (yeh kinda stupid i know)

just been too busy to play it as Dawn of war II and Red Orchestra have been taking up my gaming time.....I'm gonna play it cause that last video was awesome.

Spenok2661d ago

Haha makes sense. Im in the same boat with Minecraft and a few others myself. Though i still play this regularly enough. Its to good not to play.

TheSoundDefense2663d ago

An episodic MMO? Is the game telling one long story or something?