Naughty Dog Is ‘One Franchise Per Console’

In a recent interview with assistant producer Victor Harris of Uncharted 3 we got the low down on the future of other Naughty Dog franchises and were quite sad with what we were told.

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Nitrowolf22693d ago (Edited 2693d ago )

I Figure. Wish we could see more Jak and Daxter though, HD collection make it Happen Sony

Misterhbk2693d ago

bring Jak and Daxter to the Vita!

rezzah2693d ago

I rather play an HD collection on the PS3.

If they can bring it to both then np.

sikbeta2693d ago

Yep, Crash was for PSX, Jak and Daxter was for PS2 and Uncharted is for PS3, I can't imagine the next big franchise coming from ND...

Jio2693d ago

I loved the Jak and Daxter series on the PSP, on the Vita it would be awesome

NukaCola2693d ago

All we need now is UnKarted, and the ND tradition will be mission complete. 3 epic titles and 1 racer. I love Naughty Dog!

firemassacre2693d ago

oh shucks man this is tomatoes

Bull5hifT2693d ago

So PSP2NGP:Vita will only have Uncharted and no Jak & Daxter? I could live with that.... But Does it Really Count When They Hand It Off To REDAY AT DAWN?

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ilikegam3s2693d ago

They could of at least said that it is one franchise per sony console...
Might give people false hope, lol

Quagmire2693d ago (Edited 2693d ago )

They're owned by Sony. If they even began to think about developing on a non-Sony console they'd get a smack around the head.

And for god sake, its Could HAVE, not Could of!

shikamaroooo2693d ago (Edited 2693d ago )

He means one console as in they wont develop for handheld

showtimefolks2693d ago

GOW hd collection was announced i thought jak would be next but we got sly and now we getting a new SLY how about giving us

socom 2 in hd with online
ff 7 hd
kingdom hearts hd
jak all 4 games that ND made in hd
ratchet all 4 games from ps2 hd

come on sony we are getting psp games in HD yet some of the best from ps2 not in hd yet?

BubbleSniper2693d ago

I'd like a FFVII HD with smooth effects and smoothed textures, sharper/smoother sprites

limewax2693d ago

No thanks, remake or no sale. I certainly have not waited all this time for better sprites. If they do make it, I want more from it. I know it sounds greedy. But if FF7 gets a remake it should be something more similar to the tech demo they teased us with years ago

Hockeydud192693d ago

Considering how good Halo Anniversary looks, I wouldn't mind if they made the graphics look current gen and keepithe gameplay the same for those titles.

MetalProxy2693d ago

Kingdom Hearts HD would be awesome!!! I would buy that in a heart beat.

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KingDustero2693d ago

Who said ND had to make it?

They very well could let another company make a new Jak and Daxter while they still focus on Uncharted.

That way both groups win. I love Uncharted, but don't give a crap about Jak and Daxter at all. However I know many want it, so it would be best if ND let another company make it for them. Kind of like what SP is doing right now for Sly.

IMO ND should stick with Uncharted for a little while longer. It is easily the biggest franchise they've ever created and has a lot left in it. I can't wait to see what they'll do with Uncharted on the PS4.

Hopefully though Jak and Daxter shows up again soon for those that like the franchise.

OcularVision2693d ago

Do you wanna know what happens when ND gives a franchise to another developer? Look at what happened to Crash Bandicoot.

NukaCola2693d ago

" Do you wanna know what happens when ND gives a franchise to another developer? Look at what happened to Crash Bandicoot. "

Activion happens. The obtain IP, milk it until it dies, move on. Same with Guitar Hero.

egidem2693d ago

No Jak and Daxter on the PS3??

Me No Gusta. :(

snipes1012693d ago

Give me a Jak and Daxter HD collection! I never got to play them on the PS2. Well, I just never got around to it. But I would love to experience these games for the first time in shiny hd, I'm doing that with sly cooper right now :)

hiredhelp2693d ago

I love uncharted series. but this guy seems like all he wants to produce is uncharted.
I preferd jack and daxter to rachet and clank. more funny they worked great together as a comical duo.

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rabidpancakeburglar2693d ago

And that matters not one bit because the franchise is always awesome

xtheownerzx2693d ago

it is sad though, they make such outstanding games.

Kamikaze1352693d ago ShowReplies(3)
rezzah2693d ago


The way they ended off Jak X means there is one more enemy who need's to get their a** kicked.

Lucreto2693d ago

I didn't finish Jak X but didn't the story continue on the PSP game?

Mario4life2693d ago

I think that was a prequel of the ps2 games

Lucreto2693d ago

No if it was a prequel Daxter would be human. Daxter got the blue pants at the end of Jak 3.

rezzah2693d ago

Not sure, but if so then they left one major enemy alive.

I know the the newest J&D game on the PSP is a sequel, however I don't know if it continues after Jak 3 or Jak X.

SquareEnixFan2693d ago

This sucks. I like Uncharted but I miss the Jak games. Would it hurt to have one less Uncharted game in exchange for a new Jak?

e-p-ayeaH2693d ago

Naughty Dog should get bigger to make that happen but with that the quality of their games would be compromised.