Blockbuster adding PS3 Kiosks,Tests pricing, and New Formats For Stores

No. 1 U.S. movie rental chain Blockbuster Inc said on Thursday it was testing pricing for its rental formats and will experiment with its store layouts to add downloading stations, books or beverages in a bid to shore up its customer base.

Ideas for its retail format include creating an interactive area in stores for children, a destination for downloading entertainment onto portable media devices or a kiosk for Sony Corp.'s PlayStation 3 video game console.

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HarryEtTubMan4057d ago

A year or two from now PS3 will be platfrom of choice... which it reall has been but people were mad about the price. Get ready for the takeover in the near is coming.

PS3 Limps on and on4057d ago

You seem like it, just like I suspect Bloodmask is a professional Sony attacker.

I hope blockbuster does do something to help their business, having PS3 out so people can test blu ray and all.

drtysouf 214057d ago (Edited 4057d ago )

Sony needs no defense or no protection.

PS3 has sold at the same rate as the 360 its first year with

higher price point
lack of good advertising and marketing
Less Software titles
No Big AAA titles like FFXIII MGS4 GT5
Competition from Wii and 360
Bad Media Attention

You 360 fanboys are just to blind to realize this.

I own all 3 consoles look at my profile and you'll see for the 360 my last 4 played games are

Halo 3
Forza 2
Madden 08

Just because i favor the PS3 doesn't mean it consumes me. I got more important things to do.

You 360 fanboys just don't like me because you know i own all 3 yet still favor the PS3.

Quit worrying about me and go play your xbox.

Since Bad PS3 news is scarce these days you fanboys try to pollute good PS3 news with your ignorant comments.

Thank God for the IGNORE button.

I suggest that if you don't like me you use the IGNORE button too.

frostbite064057d ago

I just looked at your bio and you have one sweet set-up.

I couldnt help but notice your favorite games are rpgs so wheres the love for the 360? lost odyssey?? mass effect??
seriously though, that 65' tv has got to be nice

drtysouf 214057d ago (Edited 4057d ago )

I am looking forward to Lost Odyssey i'm skeptical about Mass Effect though just because i like RPG's that are the Final Fantasy type. I even liked Blue Dragon but I haven't finished updating my new bio yet so i will have a list for 360 and Wii when i'm done.

As far as my set up yeah I love it!

I just bought the Sony Surround Sound so I'm replaying all my games and re watching all my favorite movies just to see how good they sound!

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Fighter4057d ago

I'll admit that the PS3 library for excellent games is pretty slim since most multi platform games look a little inferior on the PS3. The games that are good are fcuking awesome and should be put on display. Even COD4 is worthy.

beoulve4057d ago

WOW Look like Blockbuster really commited to blu-ray.

Bladestar4057d ago

no wonder they are running out of business... shouldn't you be a) supporting all consoles... or b) starting with the console with larger installbase? it seems as block busters is ran by a bunch of sony fanboys.

Whoooop4057d ago (Edited 4057d ago )


you ok now??

PS: you forgot c) Go with the one whos going to dominate the industry in the near future... ;)

kornbeaner4057d ago

supports games and movies, so it makes more sense to show off a system that does both right out of the box. The PS3 is the only system that has HD games and movie playback.

Vip3r4057d ago

You have the cheek to have digs at Sony fans but you fail to see how much of a fanboy you are. Blockbuster do have a vast amount of 360 game to rent and buy considering it's the first thing I see when I go into my local store. All the 360 fanboys keep saying HD-DVD has nothing to do with the 360 but when Blockbuster support Blu-ray as their only HD format to rent and buy they're somehow Sony fanboys.

You sir need to think about what you are posting then check over it several times to make sure you ain't spewing up your usual garbage.

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