IGN: Unreal Tournament 3 Weapons Feature

IGN presents a selection of three famous weapons from the Unreal Tournament series. They'll be featured in Epic's upcoming Unreal Tournament 3.

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MK_Red4055d ago

I really love Link gun in previous games but my fave was the cannon. Can't wait.

_Jedge4055d ago

Yeah same here. With all the hype the game is getting i hope it lives up to its name. Can't wait to play online. But this game keeps getting delayed. Hope they announce an actual release date. I think its close to december 3 for the US

blusoops4055d ago

How'd you come up w/a Dec 3rd release date?...just asking, not trying to argue.

NRG4054d ago

It's November 19th for America, November 23rd for the UK. The launch party kicks off November 8th in the UK.

Baba19064055d ago

this game is making me skip COD4 =( so it better be lot of fun.

_Jedge4055d ago

Sorry i jsut made a guess with the realease of it. It was scheduled to realese in November. and now it was delayed.

Heres a link to what i viewed and what i based my estimate on

Charlie26884055d ago

I hope they rebalance the weapons from the demo since the Link Gun and Bio Rifle specifically since they didn't felt as effective as the ones from previous UT

NRG4054d ago

Bio was still plenty useful for tossing charged goo at people. Primary fire was hard, but it's a lot easier in UT3. Which has me worried because some people definitely were able to make some good use of primary goo in UT2K4. I also felt plasma wasn't too bad because it works great down narrow hallways. Add three or more linkers with someone good out in front and you can easily have yourself a rape train.

Charlie26884054d ago

EXACTLY my problem with the Bio Rifle was the for some strange reason the pieces of goo seem to be very small compared to previous ones and you have to aim REALLY good to hit someone when in previous ones you just aimed and the "splash" did all the work, but is true the secondary is still effective controlling crowded areas, my problem with the link guns is the same while primary fire seem to force you to be precise like the Bio rilfe the secondary caught me off guard since if you dont exactly aim the guy it doesnt even work