Rumor: PS3 Exclusive Haze IS Coming This December

From Kotaku:

"Sources close to Ubisoft tell me that the game is indeed coming this year (although I'm hearing December 11th), so it looks like Sony will at least get one third party exclusive out the door. Still, I bet the house that Ken Kutagari built is still kicking itself that it didn't lock up Assassin's Creed as a PS3 exclusive, especially with early review scores like a 9.5 from Game Informer."

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deeznuts4056d ago

Yeah, all I have is a PS3, and I'm more interested in Assassins Creed. They didn't lock up the PS3, but they're doing good with their advertisements. I saw it run a few times yesterday, and it says PS3 all over it. It's a start.

neogeo4056d ago

game of the year! better graphics then Crysis, COD4 or anything you could dream up. 2 million sold on first day.

man0fsteel4056d ago

what????? i'm a PS fan, but seriously

PS. NECTAR alters your perception of the way you view things

Neurotoxin4056d ago

I actually cried with laughter after reading that.

You sir are a funny emo/fanboy.

Sevir044056d ago

been injected with a high dose of that nectar from the mantle research lab fro those horrid ADs for PS3. in all honesty. Haze will be good but it doesn't look anywhere near crysis and it certainly doesn't have a COD4 hype behind it. and i doubt it will sell the way you claim.. u are a true idiot when you speak like that. absolute rubbish. i dont even think PS fans and their extreme fankids that affiliate with the PS brand

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pilotpistolpete4056d ago

I was gonna skip on COD to get Haze, but with it been pushed back yet again, I decided to buy COD today.

Ju4056d ago

Same here. I have CoD on my rental (in the mail somewhere) and will push back Haze to after Christmas - when I'll return CoD (or decide to keep it). Uncharted has higher priority. And then I have to fit in Assassins somehow - and Lego Complete Saga (Kids Preset) - but then, I will need a second PS3 as well, it seems.

pilotpistolpete4056d ago

I'll pick up Uncharted for sure. It was gonna be Haze, uncharted and UT3, but now with all the changed its: COD, Uncharted and Haze. I try to limit how many games I buy (can't get them all, ya know) :(

Ju4056d ago

True, actually I am pretty happy that UT3 is 2008 :)

lonestarmt4056d ago

at least it got one??? gosh, what about uncharted, heavenly sword, rachet and clank?? give me a break

ThaGeNeCySt4056d ago

Those are 1st party exclusives

lonestarmt4056d ago

ok then what counts as a third party exclusive?? I guess ace combat for 360 and metal gear 4 for the ps3?? then where the 360's then?? I guess bioshock and mass effect?? hmmm

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