Is Halo Still Important?

Microsoft's Phil Spencer made some comments about the importance of the Halo franchise but is the franchise still relevant or has it reached the limits of its influence?

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TheFodi2606d ago

I agree that Halo has been important in the popularity of the Xbox as a whole, but they'd have to drastically change the gameplay to be as important as they once were.

Misterhbk2606d ago

Halo will still sell like gangbusters, but I doubt it'll have the lasting effect that 3 had. Not even Halo Reach had the same effect as Halo 3 did. Only time will tell though.

IQUITN4G2606d ago (Edited 2606d ago )


I'd certainly agree with that. Personally i prefer the wearing down of opponents in a Halo or Gears multiplayer rather than the fire and they're almost instantly dead approach cod uses, but that's exactly why Cod is more accessible

Halo would need to have this same approach and that would of course be disaster for the fans

Cmpunk2606d ago

it's like cod people will buy it but it's not very good at all except cod gets more sales soo maybe nvm..

-Alpha2606d ago (Edited 2606d ago )

Halo needs to be reinvented from the ground up for its own sake. It's a very deep MP game, but they need to push the series differently at this point. It wont happen until the NextBox.

The series is not going to be as important as it used to be with COD around this gen. I don't ever see it beating a military-focused shooter though, I think most people have traded Halo's slow and imaginative universe for something faster and military-based. There is a greater appeal for that sort of thing, IMO.

Abash2606d ago

I can see Bungie's new game taking away attention from Halo even further if it's an FPS

BitbyDeath2606d ago

Hopefully 343 can bring this game back to what it once was.

The remake is already looking better than both Halo 3 & Reach combined IMO.

JakePayne2606d ago

I think its time for a new series to be influential.

e-p-ayeaH2606d ago

No its not.

If Halo 4 turns out to be a fail then i know that wont be a Halo 5 and 6.

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