Sick of seeing .NET installs on Steam? Blame DirectX

If you buy your games through Steam regularly you may have noticed a rather annoying feature. It doesn’t matter how up-to-date your system is with drivers, Microsoft insists on installing another copy of the .NET framework for every game that uses DirextX.

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Corrwin2689d ago

Typical Microsoft bull.

"Hey, here's a library of common display and sound functions that everybody should use so you'll only need one library. But we won't force a common versioning and deprecation system, so everybody has to use a specific version"

We never seem to have this problem with OpenGL/AL, GTK+, QT, Havock, Euphoria.

Why? They weren't designed by business monkeys, they were designed by the developers who would use them.

NuclearDuke2689d ago

Surely Microsoft has intensions with this, from a business perspective and calling Microsoft "business monkeys" just invalidates your entire post.

Corrwin2689d ago

I suppose you would know what intentions these are?

Or do you have nothing of value to contribute?

NuclearDuke2689d ago

I won't make a degrading comment, since you have no more bubbles - but I do not happen to know the intentions. How I differ from you, is that I don't call out a company who is responsible for most of the technology world as we know it today, before I know what is actually going on.

Boody-Bandit2689d ago (Edited 2689d ago )

"I don't call out a company who is responsible for most of the technology world as we know it today"

^What company is responsible for most of the technology of the world as we know it today, Microsoft?

Boody-Bandit2689d ago (Edited 2689d ago )

Yeah I would pound disagree and run and hide if I was foolish enough to believe even for a split second that MS or Valve have anything to do with advancements in technology. It's easier to pound disagree and run away than it is to make a complete fool out of ones self.

Oh wait, too late.

NuclearDuke2689d ago


Microsoft is the main acter in todays advanced technology. Without Microsoft, you most likely wouldn't be living with the technology you have today.

I didn't disagree to your post, but i will bubble you down for being rude, have a jolly evening.

Boody-Bandit2689d ago (Edited 2689d ago )

I got news for ND, the mods control the bubbles, not you or I. So once again you are misinformed.

MS has next to nothing to do with advancements in technology. Read a book, it might do you good. In all honesty, no one individual company is leading the world in advancements in technology.

I would take the cell processor created by Sony, Toshiba and IBM over any and all things MS has ever done. That chip is used in nearly everything today from the use in medical imaging, nueroscience, aerospace, defense, seismic processing, super computers and in the telecommunication field. <- Just to name a few.

Microprocessors are without question one of the most important advancements today. How many has MS built being utilized for such things?

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Apocwhen2689d ago (Edited 2689d ago )

Seems like typical MS hate to me...

I don't really see the problem here. If the game is compiled to reference a specific version of D3DX then it's just installing those reference files for you.

It's entirely plausible that as each version of D3DX incremented some breaking API changes are introduced and this is why the specific version of D3DX must be used.

I would rather the game ran stable against the version of D3DX it was designed for than to try and use a different version which could make the game unstable.

Corrwin2689d ago

I don't think anybody would have a problem if your version of .NET was out of date. That is after all how a good shared library should work.

The problem is because there really shouldn't be any breaking API changes without a suitable protocol for upgrading.

As a developer it's disheartening to see your program work fine with 2.0, but not 2.5, then work again with 3.0, with no rhyme nor reason.

IAmCornHolio2689d ago

As a developer I have no expectations of my program working with any library other than the one I developed it with.

In fact when I change libs (either statically or dynamically linked) I count on things being broken.

I gave up the dream on "One True Library" like 20 years ago when I faced the issue of Dll hell. If you remember dll hell, it was caused by different versions of dlls having the same name, and the fix was simply to put the exact version of dlls that you needed in your programs home directory... At the time third party vendors wanted to put all their dll's in the windows/system directory, so a program could break pre-existing software...

Also, there seems to be a notion on this thread that this is a Microsoft exclusive probem... which it is not.

dragonelite2689d ago

It takes like 5 min stop complaining and be glad you dont have to sit down 50 min to install 4 dvd world of warcraft then discover you have to download multiple gigabytes of patches.

glad i dont play that life killer anymore.

banjadude2689d ago

Yeah, and what's the deal with all the Microsoft Visual C++ installs too!?? I have like 9 different entries of those in my "uninstall/change" listing.

Letros2689d ago

Pro-tip, when Steam tries to install DX again upon launching a game, click cancel, then click play again, it will skip it.