3DS games, without 3D

Iwata transcript - 3DS' lack of software, devs doing extra work to utilize 3D, 3DS games without 3D.

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ratsrock2691d ago

It seems Nintendo's new handheld platform has had a rocky start. After the release of the Playstation Vita, The price of this one declined 30% from 250$ to 170$.

Now it appears that developers are having trouble developing in 3D. And it is costing them extra resources.

Hopefully this means that more developers will jump at the opportunity of making games for the platform since they will not be obligated to include all of the device's features it will mean that the 3DS will get more games from 3rd parties, Thanks to nintendos understanding and flexible developing.

Misterhbk2691d ago

I get what Iwata is saying, but making 3DS games without 3D is a terrible idea. I'm all for taking advantage of the other features, but why can't that be done while at the same time utilizing the 3D? I understand that the gyroscope wouldn't be able to be used because it ruins the 3D by having to move the handheld, but no 3D on a 3DS game? Not sure how thrilled consumers would be about that one.

Overall it seems to me that there were some areas where Nintendo just assumed things would work out without really looking into it (difficulty of 3D development for some devs, consumers buying just because it says Nintendo). Hopefully this all gets sorted out within the next year or so.

jacksheen00002691d ago (Edited 2691d ago )

This is just a theory of mines....

But I think there is two types of 3d out there on the entertainment market.The 1st 3d type is when a game developer/movie directer filter out every individual object(background vs foreground)and arranged them on screen in a such a way that your eyes get a better dept of field. Avatar is a prime example of what i m talking about.

The 2nd 3d type is when the entire screen is filter out all together, with no arrangement of object, which would give very little or no 3d effects.

The 1st I thinking would cost more money because it takes longer to produce but the end result are incredible.

The 2nd one take some time but doesn't cost as much but the end result are not so Good.

so what do you think??

Venox20082690d ago

did you know if they'll make games without 3d, they can achieve better graphics?

Ult iMate2690d ago

@ Venox2008
It's true, but the console is named "3D"S and not "Graphics are better without 3D"S.

Narutone662691d ago

Then why buy the 3DS when the NDSi/XL/LL, etc. are cheaper?

jacksonmichael2690d ago

Because it's a whole new console... Why buy a Wii U when Wiis are no doubt cheaper?

Ult iMate2690d ago

New console means not much without new games. So compared to NDS library, the 3DS' library is looking quite pale.

jacksonmichael2690d ago

Yeah, but... the DS library is playable on 3DS, and the DS that could actually play GBA games is discontinued, so either way, the potential library of games for the 3DS is automatically larger... Sometimes, you people make my brain hurt...

Ult iMate2690d ago (Edited 2690d ago )

Are you buying new console to play old games? I was talking about new ones. Games that will make me buy a 3DS, because I cannot play them on DS, that I already have. System sellers, you know. There's no reason to spend money on a new console just because it came out. The reason are games. I'm playing my DS library on DS, I don't need a 3DS for that.

pcz2690d ago

more like a 'magic eye' image where you have to unfocus your eyes to see a hologram.

it just doesn't sound very good to me, and has only a small number of games worth getting.

i think nintendo is just making excuses now, because a lot of the time, the 3d is just an unnecessary feature, not having 3d wouldn't take anything away from the game- ie street fighter. So i dont see how devs could be struggling for ideas... just add 3d!

shikamaroooo2690d ago

Iv tried it at a nintendo booth and I preferred the 2d over the 3d honestly and 3 of the 3d's had that black screen of death not a good way to show of your product

jacksonmichael2690d ago

I disagree just because magic eye images never worked for me... I'm still trying to find C-3PO and R2-D2 on that box of Corn Flakes...

DlocDaBudSmoka2690d ago

ur probably joking, but heres the trick to magic eye. dont stare directly at the image. look passed it. like if ur sitting in ur living room. have the tv on, pull up ur magic eye and look through it. kinda like you have xray vision, and the image should pop. i used to have trouble with these even after reading their directions. lol.

MasterCornholio2690d ago

They attempted to justify the 250 euro price tag with 3D and that didnt sit too well with consumers. They should have either released it at a lower price or created 2 SKUs one with 3D and one without it.

N4SIR2690d ago

lol! so the one without 3D would be called the nintendo DS???

MasterCornholio2690d ago

I didnt say the DS was a DS with 3D. They could have one called DS2 and the one with 3D DS2+.

N4SIR2690d ago

yeah sorry i thought that was something you were getting at... just being a smart ass man!

Disccordia2690d ago

In the UK at least, when the original NDS came out (March 2005) it really struggled and then when the PSP (September 2005) released it was completely dead.

The PSP did very well but then Nintendo released the DS Lite around the same time as Brain Training and New Super Mario Bros. We all know what happened since.

Anyway, my point is, this isn't over just yet..

Stealth2k2690d ago

correction the psp was kicking ass from 2004-2006 And then from 2006- current it was all ds

tiffac2690d ago (Edited 2690d ago )

This is right the PSP had a good first couple of years and analyst was saying that it will beat the DS back then.

Of course that was before the consumers found out how different the experience was from playing a DS game to a PSP one and the rest as they say was history.

As for the topic itself. I believe even before the 3DS was launched Ninty said that there will be games that will be none 3D so that the smaller developers can make games for it and doesn't have to be force to spend time and money trying to make their game in 3D.

Disccordia2690d ago

@Stealth; Very true, and lets be fair, the PSP is still one of the best selling handhelds of all time and I feel in ten years time people will look back on it with more respect than it currently receives.

Stealth2k2690d ago

its the 7th best selling system of all time behind the

wii,ds,gba,gbc, psx,ps2

so yeah it deserves respect

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