IGN's Fallout 3 Interview: Bethesda On Much-Anticipated Post-Apocalyptic RPG

As Bethesda prepares to ramp up its development schedule to ensure Fallout 3 meets expectations when its released towards the end of next year, Pete Hines - vice president of public relations - took one last opportunity to talk to IGN about what we can expect from the epic RPG.

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MK_Red4058d ago

Super special thanks to TnS.

God I can't wait to see the game in action.

TnS4058d ago (Edited 4058d ago )


Pete Hines is saying in the interview that "we're planning to show some new stuff off early next year."
I hope that this will the first gameplay footage.

Chubear4058d ago

A sweet mix of strategy and action. I love it and can't wait too see the actual gameplay mechanics.

MK_Red4058d ago

"A sweet mix of strategy and action." You mean RPG and action, right?

predator4058d ago

if itd anything like oblivion then we are in for a treat, i still play that game now and its over 1 1/2 years old, truely amazing game

MK_Red4058d ago

Oblivion is a great game but is totally different and has to be. It's sequel to one of the best games ever created (And in my opinion THE best ever, RPG and in general).

Oblivion is more like Lord of the Rings while Fallout in vein of Mad Max movies.

predator4058d ago

no no mk i didnt mean it like that, i ment to the standered of oblivion and how much time and dedication it took them to make a true epic rpg.

MK_Red4058d ago

Oops sorry. I get it now. Completely agreed. TES games are really awesome and epic. Morrowind and Oblivion. Yup, they really took months of my life :)

urban bohemian4058d ago

I hope they put dogmeat in (aslong as he doesn't have to travel with me through forcefields again!)

MK_Red4058d ago

Good one. Dogmeat and Fallout FTW!

Tyrael4058d ago

dunno much about it but could be fun

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