What Other MMOs Can Learn From Blizzard's Premium Services "Say what you will about Blizzard Entertainment, but they are absolutely unrivalled when it comes to scheming up new ways to part people from their money. Where other developers get tossed under the bus for suggesting things like 60 dollar vanity monocles or pay-per-dungeon setups, Blizzard somehow manages to get away with selling in-game mounts for millions of dollars, or selling the same game with patched content three times to gamers over a four year period with almost minimal fuss. The latest in their devious trickery: adding cross-server party invite capabilities to allow friends who may not be on the same server the ability to group with one another. It's an undeniably cool option for anyone who has ever spent time on more than one server in the game, but the key points of the feature are still largely in debate. Either way, options like these are the sort of things that shape the future of gaming, for better or for worse."

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mephman2691d ago

I think there are a lot of things people could learn from Blizzard... but even they seem to be losing their way a little bit recently.

Hardedge2691d ago

Square Enix could certainly learn a thing or two.

iJihaD2691d ago

I hope NON of them Learn From Blizzard's Premium Services. I want to keep my money.

Ser2691d ago

Agreed. Look away, ArenaNet, look away.

ShawnCollier2691d ago

Yeah, I don't like stuff like the whole "always online DRM" in Diablo III.

yamzilla2691d ago (Edited 2691d ago )

they could learn not to try to compete with them

even with the release of rift, a very big, aaa mmo that copies and pastes WoW down to the "T" consuming about 3 million WOW players and Starcraft 2 canabalizing a good 5 million at launch at least, wow is currently sitting at 11.5 million subs!

11.5 MILLION!!!

EVERY MONTH PAYING $15, not to mention paid transfers, names changes, mounts and what ever other crap that is selling now!

Thats like blizzard releases Black ops every 2 months on 5 systems, lol, only its one system, and it has been doing it since 2004!

crap like gears of war gets excited about selling 5 million, WoW makes more money than the lifetime sales of that game in 2 months!

WoW craps on every other video game in history in terms of money generation, no other game even comes close to the amount of money WoW has made!