Why Apple Should Buy Nintendo

Riley Little of Game Rant writes: "Nintendo hasn’t been doing as well as they could recently, and they are trying to regain their hold on the video game industry. Is this a prime time for Apple to purchase the company, or is that just a pipe dream?"

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Rrobba2664d ago (Edited 2664d ago )

Because Nintendo is a great company, and Apple would make money off them.

But, in all honesty, I think Apple would ruin Nintendo. So no to that.

EYEamNUMBER12664d ago

i would be done with nintendo if that ever happened

as much as i like most of nintendos games i wouldn't care about paying 599 for their next system

makes me wonder what they would have to offer for nintendo to even consider it they passed on 25 billion from micosoft and that was in the GC days

Elimin82664d ago

I kinda agree.. If they did then we would be buying a new console/system every 6 months or every year.. So no... Maybe just to design it for nintendo... But no on buying them..

My 2cents..

Zeixama2664d ago

Nintendo doesn't sell its soul to evil , otherwise kids would cry .

mcstorm2664d ago

I agree with you but if this happened i would never buy a Nintendo console again as they would mess nintendo up just like they have with iphone and ipad imo.

MultiConsoleGamer2664d ago

Why Sony should buy Nintendo
Why Microsoft should buy Nintendo
Why Apple should buy Nintendo

We've heard this type of speculation before...

tiffac2664d ago

Before the question was Why Apple should buy Sony, now its Nintendo. lol!

Tuxedo_Mask2664d ago

Why aren't there any articles titled: "Why Steve Jobs should buy less turtleneck sweaters"?

spektical2664d ago

no just no. apple will ruin real gaming, and in turn ruin gaming for all consoles which will follow APPLES trend.


JBSleek2664d ago

Why does everyone blindly say will ruin "real" gaming.

Did they ruin the music industry with there MP3??
Did they ruin the PC when new Macs came out??
Did they ruin the phone industry with the iPhone??

In all these cases they push innovation and force the competition to compete and become better.

They would force Sony and Microsoft to evolve and come to the table better!

thebudgetgamer2664d ago

it's popular to hate apple around here, as their clearly the devil.

ABizzel12664d ago

Did they ruin the music industry with there MP3??

YES. MP3 quality sucks, there is a huge loss of quality when transferring music down to mp3 files.

The other two are good things to stand by, although the iPhone did drive change the phone industry for better or for worse since they made a bunch of people join AT&T again for better or worse.

I have no problem with Apple, and seeing how Nintendo is more than likely going to be hitting home the casual audience again, it seems like App-tendo would be a good collaboration.

jeeves862664d ago (Edited 2664d ago )

Apple didn't invent mp3s. However they did ruin my bank account with all of their fucking iPods. Especially the ones it seems were almost purposely designed to break down (ahem: iPod Classic).

Apple buying Nintendo would be the death of core gaming on any Nintendo system. Also, if you think a 7 year life cycle is too short, try Apple's cycle of releasing a new console every year, or every six months if you want a different coloured one.

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The story is too old to be commented.