Why the "Uncharted" Series is Here to Stay!

As 2011 continues to roll by, we get closer to the highly anticipated date of 11-11-11 aka the day of ‘Drake’s Deception’. Now to many of us this seems like the beginning of the end of the Uncharted name, however, all signs point to quite the opposite.

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trainsinrdr2604d ago ShowReplies(10)
MrSpace2604d ago

Uncharted can go on for as long as it likes


Drake and Elena better NOT have a child who will become an annoying brat in future games. Uncharted is like films...look what happened in the Mummy 2, Alex ruined it or maybe Indiana Jones 4...again his son, Mutt, ruined it.

RastafariPrime2604d ago

I highly doubt they would do that. Naughty Dog are really talented writers so they can't muck it up. Least I hope.

Cmpunk2603d ago

uncharted 4 on ps4 = real life graphics if naughty dog can make uncharted 3 look this amazing on an old peice of hardware imagine what they can muster up on a new peice of hardware

N4SIR2603d ago

lol... real life graphics!

metsgaming2604d ago

As long as the games stay awesome they should keep making them. The thing is once they feel like they cant do the series justice anymore they should just kill it and not hand it off to a company that will just milk it and destroy it. Better to have a what if then a what happened debate.

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Nexgensensation2603d ago

Its because of the outstanding story telling, the iconic characters, and the incredible gameplay.


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The story is too old to be commented.