How Much Will the Wii U Cost?

So the news is out, Nintendo will be keeping mum on the price of the Wii U until sometime next year. So that begs the question: how much will the Wii U inevitably cost?

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PS3ROCKS2691d ago (Edited 2691d ago )

$249.99, $99.99 per controller. Wii U, 4 controller's and 1 game = $700 plus tax $850. Liitle asshole kid breaks controller $950. One month later he's bored. Dad kills kid, ends up in jail for life. The End

CrazyForGames2691d ago

ROCKS is right because you must be on some right now what in the heck was that?

300 dollars im calling it and always will call it 300 at this point seems very realistic

jacen1002690d ago

$950 still cheaper than a ps3 on release then with the plain old 6 axis lol

Rrobba2691d ago (Edited 2691d ago )

My guess is $299.99, which is reasonable IMO. Add that to a hopefully solid launch line-up and I'm in.

BeardedGamerShow2691d ago

I'm guessing $300. I think Nintendo wanted $350 but after the 3DS's poor sales, they'll have to settle for $300.

xtremegamerage2690d ago

It will fail and fail hard.

Nobody other then Nintendo fans will buy it.

Wii got away with the gimmick of motion control,tapped into the casual/ young/old market same as ds does.

I'm not so sure that will work again.

metsgaming2690d ago

i dont think they can get the same reaction that was toward the wii-mote towards that controller. Plus its just to similar to a tablet and they will think its a wii with a tab controller which i dont think the casuals will think is as revolutionary as the wiimote was.

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The story is too old to be commented.