New PS3 uses 65nm process - Sony's boss confirms it

It seems that everywhere you go, someone has a different story about the technology that's inside the new 40 gigabyte PS3 model. There seems to be a bit of confusion over the current state of the Cell processor that powers the console. Is it the original chip that launched with the system, produced with a 90nm fabrication process, or is it a smaller, more efficient chip, produced using a 65nm process?

Today, Sony Computer Entertainment boss addressed the issue directly. In an interview posted at Japan's Impress Watch, Kaz Hirai confirmed that the new model uses a 65nm process for the Cell chip.

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fredy3877d ago

open up the damn thing...

deeznuts3877d ago

Within days, someone opens their 360 to check. Yet nobody will open their PS3.

I wouldn't open mine that's for sure. I guess because maybe it's not so damn important. The 90nm PS3's run just fine, what's the point? But everyone, including me, is searching/waiting for 65nm chips on the 360.

ruibing3877d ago

If you open it up, it voids the warranty. I don't think anyone's PS3 is actually broken, so no one wants to accidentally do something to it.

TnS3877d ago

Five days ago they said that it is 90nm... :)

zslash3877d ago

I'd trust Kaz's word over the Sony spokesperson :P

MK_Red3877d ago

True. They really need to sort things out between themselves before going public. And Worst Management of the Year Award goes to...

Salvadore3877d ago

I will stick to my 65nm theories.

Darkiewonder3877d ago

Geez. But since Kaz said it. I'll go with that... for now ;D

_Jedge3877d ago

well if it is true and they are making a 65nm chip, it will benefit the ps3. The problem that i have is that x360 and ps3 are changing there processign chips to cheaper better models. These chips should have been put into the original design

TheMART3877d ago

You're funny. When they launched the consoles the 65nm proces wasn't ready for mass production (or low enough prices).

THis happens every gen!

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The story is too old to be commented.