Top 10 Most Outrageously Ignored Games of All Time (Until Now)

Here is a list of the best games overlooked by most of us.

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Venox20082693d ago

i love psychonauts and bg&e

REZ should be in this list too

r212693d ago

psychonauts was trippy

Solid_Snake-2693d ago

id have to go with

Severance: Blade of Darkness

amazing game but never got the attention it deserved.

jeeves862693d ago

Have to disagree with Symphony of the Night. Everybody's played that one.

Spenok2692d ago

This is the reason i came to the comments section, to let him know. Thanks for taking care of it for me :D

caseh2693d ago

List was going well until it reached #2 - Castlevania: SoTN is in no way 'outrageously ignored'

Its often classed as the best of the entire series by most people along with Dracula X on the PCE.

KingofGambling2693d ago

Getting Ico and SotC collection

ReservoirDog3162693d ago

Plan on picking up persona 3 soon, buying BG&E soon, mother 3 is hard to get, GTA CW soon and psychonauts needs to have an hd remake.

That's a lot of games and not even that expensive. Believe I just had an epiphany.

Venox20082693d ago

Psychonauts need HD and we need Psychonauts 2 :)

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