Failure-in-Motion: The PlayStation Move is a Bust

PSLS: Think back to E3 2010, when all the talk was about Microsoft and Sony jumping onto the arm-waggling motion-controller bandwagon made so popular by the little Wii that could. The 360 went the way of controller-less cameras, and the PlayStation 3 decided to stick close to the Wii with the PlayStation Move. While the PlayStation Move is much more precise than the Wii, and has seemingly infinite potential, up to this point in time the Move has been a complete bust. And it’s looking like it will continue to be, at least in the near future.

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doctorstrange2638d ago

I agree. It needs some move-only AAA games.

Trexman892638d ago

it just needs games period. Sure, games like No More Heroes will have Move Support, but there need to be game designed specifically for the device.

Heartnet2638d ago

Like Sorcery :) that game look sweet imo :P

Boletarian2638d ago

If there was a game designed specifically for Move, that one could only play with Move, would it be said that Sony was shoving Move down people's throats?

Ju2638d ago

Move only games is not what I want. I want all games to support it (at least all shooters). I love the Move in shooters. Each its own I suppose. I hardly play games because they are Move exclusive, I like the games I am used to; but with a new experience.

They can tack on what ever they want, I think Sony should force all 3rd party studios to support a move option in FPS and 3rd person shooters (and action games). Glad Resistance3 will support it, but a shame if BF3 won't (well, there is some time left).

sikbeta2638d ago (Edited 2638d ago )

If they wanted to push the thing for real, they should have Sourcery done by the time Move was released, (no news about this game for months now) the same way with LBP2 which was pushed back until January, get ready all the patches for the games that support Move like HR and RE5 ( pay to Capcom to get it done in time if needed), release some Move-only games and after all that, release games with optional support like KZ3 and R3...

t0mmyb0y2638d ago

I was hooked on Tumble when it came out, then Echochrome 2 wasn't quite as engaging. Now I don't use it :(

-Alpha2637d ago (Edited 2637d ago )

It needs exclusives, sure, but the problem is that it's an optional motion device, meaning less focus and attention by devs because they don't want to limit their product.

PS3 is doing well, consumers and devs just want to focus on the plethora of games for the product, not jump into unnecessary device add-ons.

The product itself is too much of a risk for devs to go out and utilize to its potential. As long as the product is optional, devs will assume first that most of their audience does not have both.

This also goes for the people saying the Vita will make the Wii U obsolete: Wii U tablet is in the hands of 100% of Wii U buyers. Devs have more confidence in using the Wii U tablet to its advantages. The PSVita is not in the hands of 100% PS3 users and devs wont utilize the compatibility as a main focus.

fr0sty2637d ago

I guess kinect is a bust also? it only has a couple million more sales, and an even worse looking game library.

Aggesan2637d ago

In a way I'm glad it's not a huge success. Too many people buying it would mean too much focus on casual stuff from the developers, which is in conflict with my intrests.

killcycle2637d ago

Move for me has been the best experience for Arcade shooters.

Deadstorm pirates and Time Crisis.
Killzone 3 is also very very good with move god knows how they made it so accurate on that game.

What do they need?


seinfan2637d ago

That's the problem, though. Call the developers lazy, but they have to do twice as much work with vector calculations just to support both the DS3 and Move. They are going to favor DS3 in terms of QA simply because it's the standard. But if they only supported Move, then people would be like "wtf, I don't want to buy a game that makes me use this only." Pick your poison.

DarkTower8052637d ago

I enjoy The Fight: Lights Out, then House of the Dead is coming out soon. Still waiting on Sorcery like others.

Dee_912637d ago

after i got use to sharpshooter i was hooked for awhile
I was just imagining what could be possible
but it does need more support
Honestly I was hoping for more move titles at e3

lil Titan2637d ago (Edited 2637d ago )

i wouldnt say move is a failure anymore than kinect is a success

Disccordia2637d ago

I think Sorcery was either cancelled or will return as only a move-optional title? The game looked pretty much done at e3 2010 and then we've seen nothing for 15 months.

fatstarr2637d ago (Edited 2637d ago )

they are lucky no more heroes is designed for the wii. like i said a year later and its just a wii mote imitation with lackluster games.

they should just release ps4 with move and move+ support out the gate

100% of the games library should support it thats like gettin a ds game with no touch input.

a universal move to controller mapping should be able to be downloaded and patched into any game so you could at least walk and play basically with move in anygame.

Getowned2637d ago

yep the move is a failure and not because of the tech the device it's self is great but it's not used to it's full potential it suffers i got mine with the socom4 bundle and it was fun but then socom got boring and i stoped playing and a month later i got dead space extraction and played it with the move (as a huge fan of dead space i loved it 8.5/10 not bad for a rail shooter) i am how ever intrested on how it will be used with the new bioshock biggest problem with move is lack of support i should of known they wouldn't support it that much just like the eye toy and the move turned into nothing more then a gimmick right now the only move game i still play is the fight lights out.we need more move games maybe a few made for move only or at the very least move in mind.

nickjkl2637d ago

i find it strange how people call i a failure because there's only a small number of move only games

that's like calling a car manufacture a failure because only a small amount of there vehicles are used in racing

Marceles2637d ago (Edited 2637d ago )

Well that's the thing nickjkl...a car manufacturer makes race cars, but if people aren't making any roads for the race cars to drive other than on a regular street, then what's the use of owning one? You can only drive at the limit and only know about its potential.

darthv722637d ago

The wii uses the wiimote 100% of the time. This includes using it as a pass though for the classic controller.

Yet because of the focused attention in the controller it basically gives the devs different ways of making it work for their game. Move has potential but it needs to get past that "add-on" appeal and fall into more of a standard like the wiimote.

Problem would not commit to that kind of investment. Changing everything they have done with traditional controls and forcing the use of move to take the sixaxis/ds3 place. It wont happen or if it does then next system release.

But to call it a bust is hardly appropriate. The games are there with more to come. To call move a bust would be like calling sony's 3d in games a bust. The only ones that should be able to say that are sony themselves. For now there is support for both move and 3d as new games come out.

zag2635d ago

All this stuff doesn't work simply because you need to devote a whole room just to make use of it.

Which many people just wouldn't want to do that.

The other reason is not many people will want to stand up and jump around just to do stuff in a game.

Many people are just jumping on the band wagon because it's new then find out that a 6 hour game would actually require you to stand up and jump around for the whole 6 hours and probably give up after 20 mins.

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50Terabytespersec2638d ago (Edited 2638d ago )

I hope Sony learns from this garbage..
Thank you also MS for brainwashing(millions in marketing) Americans into thinking your crap is just as good, motion control BS!
Motion Control is the day i can run walk in place and jump and shoot evert MF in the room and break a major sweat and calories,and not look like and idiot doing it!!!!
This crap is child gimmicks and nerd life-sucking toys!
Im out in the outdoors doing this crap and with Paintball Bikes and guess what Im not obese!!!!
Give me games like uncharted and Killzone not Gimmicks Sega 32x anyone?

Neko_Mega2638d ago

Really? This idea seems to be working for Sony more then Wii making games Wii Remote only.

Elwenil2638d ago

What are "Paintball Bikes"?

ASTAROTH2638d ago (Edited 2638d ago )

Unfortunately its all NINTENDO's fault.

Nintendo take a gamble just adding motion controls to a GameCube powerfull old tech hardware. The press and everybody saw the Wii as an "innovative" gameplay over graphics console when the reality was it was just a new motion controller with lots of shovelware and crap games to play. We all end buying a Wii just for the hype... as amazing as Mario Galaxy 2, I cant stand playing it for more than one hour with the Wii mote.

Then everybody copied NINTY and guess what?? Ninty just droped the Wii controller for a more traditional controller with a LED screen and a console with HD graphics. What happened to the gameplay over graphics NINTY?? The truth was that gameplay experiences were and are even worse with motion controls.

NINTY is known among fanboys for being innovative. I believe NYNTY is the responsable for the decadence in gaming. They just want more money from the Mario franchise. Ninty is also responsable for the overhashed and re-releases of old games in new packeges... HELL Ninty even re-releases its old Mario All Star as a Wii "exclusive". Thanks to that now we see a everybody re-releasing games as HD revisions instead of completely new experiences. From Sony to MS to Nintendo and Capcom everyone seems to have an HD collection of something. Dont be surprised if the mayority of Wii U games ended up being "remastered" Gamecube and N64 "classics"

Just my opinion... ohh and I have the MOVE too. So far KZ3 is one of the few games I really enjoyed with it... but I still prefeer playing it with the DS3!!

Sub4Dis2637d ago

it's not nintendo's fault that sony is so idea-free that they have to steal everything nintendo comes up with.

sony made a slightly better version of an existing product. the problem is, by the time sony got around to doing it, nintendo was already realizing ppl were burned out on motion gaming and went back to a lot of standard controller stuff.

sony just has no unique ideas. they saw what they thought was a good market, and they dove in. but the water had already been drained from the pool.

orange-skittle2637d ago

Sony copy-cats everything Nintendo does. When Nintendo showed the world the Wiimote, Sony responded w/ the dumb six axxis controller. Barely any games make use of it and is almost unused now. Microsoft stuck w/ their guns and kept their controllers the same way without following Nintendo. Their response to Nintendo was remote-less control. What was sony's response, Another controller that does the same is the wiimote. What's next Sony, a tablet?

Hayabusa 1172637d ago

Though you put up a good arguement against motion controls, you failed miserbaly by suggesting it was Microsoft that "brainwashed" Americans into believing Motion controls was the future when we all know (except for you, apparentely) that Nintendo kicked it off. Fanboyism at it's best...

Achemki2637d ago (Edited 2637d ago )

@orange skittle
How can a "me-too" company be the only one with blu-ray and true stereoscopic 3D in 2011, lol?

Look, I like Nintendo, but the Wii isn't even HD and the online Wii friend codes are a dinosaur. You can just as easily say Nintendo is copying Sony and MS with their new Wiis and the 3DS since the Wii supports neither 3D, HD or anything resembling a relevant online service.

orange-skittle2637d ago

@Hayabusa, MS didnt brainwash anyone into thinking that bc you would've seen it mass marketed and everywhere. You would see it implemented in a lot of their games as well. They just want a piece of the pie w/o making and ME-TOO controller. MS wants the 360 to be a multimedia machine. That was the target goal since 2001. They invest more into XBL than they do anything else. If you did your hmwk you would have seen that was Bill Gates' mission statement.


You have to be joking if you think Nintendo is copy-catting. They haven't followed the leader yet and sometimes it has failed while others have been successful. When everyone went CD-ROM, nintendo stayed cartridge based and failed. Then when they went disc, they went mini-disc and and failed. Nintendo not only dominates consoles, they dominate hand helds. How can you even say what you said? MS has yet to release a motion controller or update their DVD9 drive to blue-ray to appeal to the masses. They do what they do...period. Sony should focus on what really matters most...ONLINE GAMING. Fix PSN and give it a major update/overhaul. Digital Downloads and Streaming is the future.

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VINNIEPAZ2638d ago

As I said in my other post if you bought Move or Kinect you shouldn't have expected a massive amount of games to go with them. When you buy these "ad ons", you are most likely going to waiting months between something worth using them for. I have both and am somewhat happy with what has been released for both, yea I wouldn't mind more games but this is about what I expected. Saying either failed is all perspective I guess.

TheDivine2638d ago (Edited 2638d ago )

Idk kinect has tons of games and lot coming. The difference is move is kind of an afterthought where kinect has the focus. Its great move can work with games but it needs a reason to buy it like move exclusives, not just sorcery down the road but at least 5 good ones. Kinect has that. I dont own either but il get kinect down the road once all these games get released. I want ur shape and ufc trainer not to mention child of eden is awesome on it. Hope steel batallion, project draco, and kingdoms whatever come out well.

Kinect is a platform where move is a redisigned controller. I dont want to spend 100 for move plus 80 for another just to replay through my games. Il pay 150 for kinect if theres games i want for it.

mcstorm2638d ago

I agree with you. There is aot of hate for kinect and move but they are both good at different things. Kinect offers more than move and i think so far ms have done a good job with it as they have some must have games like kinect sports dance central. But move dose not really have any stand out game. Yes kz3 and lbp2 look amazing but if yoi dont tell everyone what move adds to the game noone will buy it and this is why kinect has out sold move. This is why apple out sell everyone else and tthe same for the wil and ds out selling the other consoles.
The biggest plus for kinect though is it can be used for more than games and this will help ms think of new ways to interact with the console plus with games like forza 4 me3 adding extra content into the games for kinecg it will help other developers come up with other ideas for there games. Where sonys first party are not really showing off move in there games so its not pushing the device.

SonnyD9782637d ago

Kinect does not offer more than Move, mcstorm.

taylork372637d ago


They are both busts so who the fuck cares.

Kurt Russell2637d ago

I bought a move... it's a clever bit of tech - but I bought one game when I got it, and have never bought anything for it since. If house of the dad lands for it I will get it, but in general it's just another dust gatherer in my living room.

IcarusOne2637d ago

Sonny says "Kinect does not offer more than Move, mcstorm."
I disagree. (Full disclosure: I own neither.)

Kinect allows you to navigate the dashboard without a controller. Move doesn't. Kinect recognizes your face and signs you in automatically. Move doesn't. Kinect allows you to interface via voice commands. Move doesn't.

At this point let me clarify: I'm not saying the PS3 can't do some of these things, just that at the moment, it doesn't.

I'm not too interested in either piece of tech at the moment, but what really impresses me about Kinect is its use beyond the console. Hospitals buy it and write their own software for it, allowing doctors to interact with 3D MRI scans. Cancer researchers use it to examine theoretical proteins. I just read that there's even a Kinect at the Hadron Collider, allowing the scientists there to better control the scans of the collisions.

In my opinion, Kinect is moving us closer to a Minority Report future. Move isn't really doing anything, aside from helping some of us play a couple of video games.

paintsville2637d ago

Kinect is a huge success with lots and games and record setting sales. Move, like this article said, is a bust. Too much like Wii.

Achemki2637d ago (Edited 2637d ago )

@icarusone & mcstorm
And the Move has ITS OWN DEVELOPMENT KIT on the PS Store with free discounts for schools and people who want to use it for educational/teaching applications etc. Do some homework.

Move needs a camera to work so a camera is part of Move and the camera has been recognizing facial scans and voice (it has a built in mic for any game) for years. Kung Fu Live scans and tracks your whole body into the game as is. Games/apps like Tori-Emaki and Operation Creature Feauture are 100% hands free Minority Report (including menus) since 2006/2007. The concept of Kinect is only new to people that don't have PS3s or know what they do, *cough cough*.

Move sales are just a smidge below Kinect. Kinect however doesn't support AAA games. Move works with lotsa stuff from existing games like Heavy Rain and Killzone 3 to LBP2 and Resistance 3 later this year. Resistance > Sesame Street.

StanSmith2637d ago


If you had used kinect you wouldn't be comparing it to those PS Store titles that use the PS Eye.

Look, i was like you. I doubted kinect. I just couldn't see how it could work and i wrote it off as an eyetoy copy. Oh boy did that opinion change when i played it at a friends house. Simply put, it works. It's better than Move. It now has better support than Move. Move will just be an add-on as this article says. Kinect has become a new way to play games just like the Wii was when it released.

I'm no longer using my Move controllers. They just sit there collecting dust. This year, however, i'm planning on buying kinect for games like Star Wars & Rise of Nightmares. As for move.... It could find itself being traded in.

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showtimefolks2637d ago

for example PSP is a failure yet it sold over 60 million systems and sold a lot of software for sony too so why is it a failure? compare to DS is that why?

and ps move has sold over 9 million units and that's without any major title just for move. I don't think sony considers that a failure and with more titles using move and some move exclusive titles coming up soon its only gonna get better.

sorcery should be a great game with move

but what a fan may consider a failure might be a huge success for that company.

SlipperyMooseCakes2637d ago

If you read the article, he isn't coming from a sales perspective. He goes over that early on.

nycredude2637d ago

So just because he thinks it is a failure then it is? Forget about the numbers right just toss that out the window.

damnyouretall2637d ago (Edited 2637d ago )

i really like my move sharpshooter. kz3, socom 4 and r3 round the corner. headshots are easier,kinda as easy as using a mouse to aim. all the people that tried my setup really enjoyed it, so i wouldnt say its a bust. some people think theyre too cool and just wont give it a chance. anyways im hoping a great game like skyrim will use the move. we'll see. ive been playin games for 27 years and i dont mind changing it up a bit. move is better than just a gimmick imo

arjman2637d ago

They need Lord of the Rings with move controls.

Imagine slaying uruk-hai at Helm's Deep with the move as your sword and the nav. as your shield...

JayD-1K2637d ago

you would need 2 move controllers but, yeah...nice idea!

firemassacre2637d ago

i do not agree, i think the move has actually proven to have hardcore games like resistance 3, killzone 3, bioshock infinite will use it ect...all we need it sorcery.

GrandTheftZamboni2637d ago

Killzone 3 + Move + 3D = one of a kind experience.

I wouldn't believe it if I hadn't tried it for myself.

subtenko2637d ago

Well the ps move does have more games than kinect, I guess kinect is dead O_O say it aint so :( I like both, I prefer one over the other, but I sitll like both.

As a ps2 eyetoy owner, I appreciate what both do for the gaming industry no matter how big or small of a deal they are. Sometimes things make you go "wtf..." but thats not all the time..

Agree or Disagree if you Agree

Tired2637d ago

You DO realise just how lame 'Agree or Disagree if you Agree' is, right?

tplarkin72637d ago

Sony did not invest in motion control tech. The Sixaxis controls and Move were knee-jerk reactions to the competition. It was done to please the investors, not gamers.

jneul2637d ago

dont be stupid and completely ignore the existance of eyetoy even before wiimote existed and they even had an early version of move back in 2001(just a prototype without buttons or gyros), yes back then it was all just testing to see if their theory worked but seriously i think we are all fed up of of these suggestions when there is proof out there that sony did indeed invest in motion control way before ninty did....

Seferoth752637d ago

Come on now... Posting a video in 2008 two years after the Wii releasd and slapping a 2001 date on it is hardly proof.

BTW you might want to look up this thing called the Power Glove. Nintendo released it before Sony was ever even in the gaming market.

so if I take a Wii video and slap a 1980 date on it you'd take it as proof?Wow

You got fooled by PR BS.

Cmpunk2637d ago

atleast sony didn't abonded their fanbase unlike m$

Hedberg2637d ago (Edited 2637d ago )

I think it works really well in Socom 4, Killzone 3, Tiger Woods: The Masters 2012, and The Fight: Lights Out....I am looking forward to Sorcery and Resistance. It works really well for shooters (not with the sharpshooter attachment, I haven't tried that, just by itself) It is akin to using a mouse a keyboard and I have really taken a liking to it.

My kids love The Shoot, Time Crisis: Razing Storm (especially the Dead Sea Pirates part),and even Eye Pet and Start the Party...... Definitely and underrated peripheral in my eyes.

cobblestone192637d ago (Edited 2637d ago )

Move still has more overall quality than the embarrassing Kinect. Kinect makes me feel sorta ashamed to be a gamer...

EDIT: @Cmpunk: The fact that you have any disagrees proves that 360 fanboys care WAY to much about what happens with the Ps3.

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Lifewish2638d ago

Needs some much needed love in the form of killer games.

Drekken2638d ago

The shooters that support move have been pretty amazing. Slap a move and a navi in the sharpshooter and that warrants the price of entry. I have been having too much fun with it lately and can't wait for resistance 3.

guitarded772637d ago

No doubt... Sony has done an excellent job of making games for all players with the Move.

LadyGaga2637d ago

Those games only support Move functionality and are best played with a controller. Those games don't count. Move doesn't have any decent exclusives.

Drekken2637d ago

So what you are saying, Lady Gaga is that a game that I only play with the move/sharpshooter doesn't count as a move game? Your N4G persona is as stupid as your music.

Sony already said that move won't replace the controller, but be another option. I spent money on move and get to use it with these games and that counts.

BrianG2638d ago

I personally have about 6 games for Move, 3 being Move only and the others Move compatible.

While I'm not overwhelmed with great games at my finger tips, I'm also not completely disappointed.

The Move compatible games are always fun, and I am picking up quite a few this Fall, old and new. But I would obviously like to see more Move exclusives, like Sorcery type games. Maybe even a full on Gladiator type experience, Fallout style game maybe, those would be great.

Creative uses for the Move controller. I don't want to see games like Deadmunds Quest from E3 or Move Hero's. While those games do target an audience, they aren't for me.

metsgaming2638d ago

sports champions was great and thats about it, then there is killzone 3 which i played a little bit with it. They need to make a sports champions 2 i was disappointed they went and made a mid-evil game instead. When you look at it alot of shooters are using the move now but i just dont like it for shooters or at least FPS. Then there was that bs with RE5 that you had to have the gold version. Complete bull that would have worked great with the move.

Fishy Fingers2638d ago

Tacked on peripherals rarely win over the masses, Move just followed the trend. Better luck next time. Stop wasting development resources on it please.

Parapraxis2638d ago (Edited 2638d ago )

I'd like some more move games. Spending development money is not a waste to me. If anything they should put more money into it, especially from a business standpoint.
Resistance 3, Bioshock Infinite, GoldenEye 007: Reloaded and The House of the Dead Overkill will all be played first with Move.
And if they play as well as KZ3 I'll be more than happy.

Vaud-Villian2638d ago

Move released at about the same time Nintendo started to fall into decline. Waggle gaming is a popped bubble.