GameZone - Madden NFL 12 Top 5 Wide Receivers

GameZone lists the top wide receivers with the highest overalls in Madden NFL 12.

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MintBerryCrunch2661d ago

Not a chance that Wayne is better than Megatron, just imagine CJ having Payton throwing to him, the fact that CJ has been doing this with mediocre QBs since Stafford is always injured shows how good he is

AbNoRmaL__aGenT2661d ago

i completely agree. i would like to see if he were on the list if he didnt have a guy throwing him the ball exactly where he wants/needs it to be. with calvin,he beats his defenders in a "go up and get it" type of situation(kind of what moss used to do)reggie wayne is over rated every year and calvin is more likely to bail his qb out

lifesanrpg2660d ago

As usual CJ is underrated in a Madden game