Online Pass: A few quick arguments

Sony announced a PSN Network pass program, EA has been doing the online pass thing for a while now on its games, along with a growing number of publishers. We ask ourselves, Is this really a big deal? You buy a game new, and you get full access to your game. Are the publishers trying to kill the pre-owned games sales?

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allyc4t2694d ago

You say 'So this leads to the answer, they are attempting to curb pre-owned game sales, but in turn they are actually hurting the consumers who support them.'

They are curbing pre-owned game sales. That's true. But they aren't hurting the consumers who support them. Because the consumers who support them buy NEW games.

xX-StolenSoul-Xx2694d ago

Thats basically the plan, Kill pre-owned sales. Personally i had no problem with Online passes till i bought my 360 Last week. See on Ps3 i can use my online passes on up to 5 ps3, awesome i have 3 of them and all of them get to play online.
Now.. i plan on buying the new Xbox slim in the fall and i would like both of my consoles to be able to play online without buying another online pass... Well no way to do that on xbox and it's really making me hate these passes and i've use to support these things.

dotwithshoes2693d ago

Which is why its hurting the consumer.

Majors2693d ago (Edited 2693d ago )

I totally agree with the pass system. HOWEVER I think a new pass code SHOULD be supplied with all preowned purchases.
Gamestop / gamestation etc etc should have to supply this code to the customer within the price of the game, saying they make 300% proffit per game sold I dont think £7 / $8 will hurt them much and they will contributing back into the industry. Everyone happy..

EmperorDalek2693d ago

Make games that are worth buying new. And I don't mean give us a good multiplayer with 6 maps on launch day with a bad single-player (BF:BC2), I mean give us games with A LOT of content.

Games like Skyrim, Uncharted 3, Gears 3, MW3 and a few more will all be worth getting new because they have lots of content. It's either that or sell the game for less.

But that doesn't mean you should force us to buy them new, if the game is good enough then people will buy DLC.

slaton242693d ago

dude MW3 will not have no more content than its past versions have had..also i agree with what u r sayin but it wont happen since they can just charge for DLC so they make a crappy game 1st that way when DLC comes out they make more money

vickers5002693d ago

"dude MW3 will not have no more content than its past versions"

Say what you will about the extremely terrible Call of Duty series, but one thing it at least has going for it is that each installment is always packed full of content.

It ships with at minimum like 15+ maps, has a lot of modes and includes a lot of weapons and attachments. The quality of those things are debatable, but one thing is for sure, is that CoD games do come with a lot of content (as that is the least they can do for not making improvements to the gameplay/network).

slaton242692d ago


dude they have the same game modes most of the same guns perks and killstreaks and most come with about 10-14 maps...the content slightly changes. Every game I still see old game modes and stuff and when i do see new its not much at all now BFBC2 has amazing stuff like destruction...and oh yeah dedicated servers..until CoD gets dedicated servers it will always be crappy...SP is great though...and guess what i may be hatin on it but i had WaW and i have MW1 MW2 and B.ops so i do play and no what they are changing

EmperorDalek2692d ago

MW3 will have a Campaign, Survival, Spec Ops and Multiplayer. If that isn't enough content then I don't know what is.

If you think the destructible environments in BC2 are good, then you should see Red Faction: Guerilla.

Are we talking about console or PC? Because it doesn't have dedicated servers on console, and as for PC, MW2 is the only one without them.

hazelamy2693d ago

how about they remember tha benefits of the preowned market before they try to destroy it.

it's folly of the highest order that ea are the ones with the biggest hard on for destroying the preowned market when they probably benefit from it the most.
how many people trade in their old copies of fifa or madden or any other of their annual identikit sports games to get the newest version.

a second person playing online with the game and the original owner buying and playing the new version, is infinitely preferable to the same person continuing to play it and not buying a new copy i'd have thought.

but no, they have short term, short sighted thinking motivated by insatiable greed.

slaton242692d ago

i dont no about ebay or amazon but i do no at game stores when u trade in and someone buys used the store keeps store profit and the developers get none which is why you are now starting to see online passes

dotwithshoes2692d ago

And I have asked this question so many times and no one can ever give a good answer.. why should the developer profit TWICE from one copy of a game?