Top 10 Best Video Game Cutscenes

GameDynamo - "Cutscenes and movie cinematics have come a long way. Watching Aeris get murdered by Sephiroth in FF7, or Kratos taking on the gods in GOW3, or the recent Tomb Raider trailer at E3 which was on par with the best of VFX movies, they are gaming cinema at its greatest. Cutscenes often serve as bookends and trophies for achieving something significant in a game, whether defeating an impossible boss or finishing a difficult game."

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trainsinrdr2686d ago (Edited 2686d ago )

Rockstar and square enix are definitely the best at making cutscenes.

Best2686d ago

MW2 had imo the best cutscenes ever.

consolez_FTW2686d ago

If you truly believe MW2 has the best cutscenes than you must have started gaming on the 360 and you are 12 year old.

Takoulya2685d ago

Relax, consolez, he's just trolling - and unfortunately, you're giving him the satisfaction he wants.

snipes1012685d ago

So he likes MW2 cutscenes and that means he's a troll? That makes sense "consolez_FTW."

The hate COD gets on this site is just idiotic way out of hand. No one is allowed to like the anything about the franchise or they're stupid. Dumb.

Anyhow, I'd have to say some of my favorite cutscenes came from Catherine. Those had me on the edge of my seat and the anime style was different and new for me. I'd also have to say Enslaved and Valkyrie Chronicles had some nice ones too.

MaxXAttaxX2685d ago

I guess you missed his previous non-stop trolling streak?

morganfell2685d ago (Edited 2685d ago )

I just can't agree with the article.

This wraps up 20 years of gaming and occurs after the final credits in MGS4.


And then there is this from Blizzard, champions of the cutscene:

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BiggCMan2685d ago

You could fit this entire list with Metal Gear cutscenes, but this author didn't put a single one. How could you compile a best cutscenes list and not include Metal Gear. Those games are famous for their storytelling cutscenes.

Ace_Pheonix2685d ago

Thank you! I was grossly appalled by that fact, I'm glad to see someone got it in there within the first 5 comments.

MaxXAttaxX2685d ago (Edited 2685d ago )

Not only that, but DOA Extreme(Beach Volleyball) 2 made the list somehow.

FF7's opening scene was not the best.

And why is a trailer for an unreleased game there? lol

meetajhu2685d ago (Edited 2685d ago )

When i see such article first thing i do is go check if it has Onimusha 3 video in it. If it doesn't it fails miserably. This article is Win.

DrRichtofen2686d ago

I will still always love the sly cooper cutscenes.

snipes1012685d ago

YES I love those games! I'm playing through the HD collection as we speak. They had so much style it's ridiculous. Can't wait for the fourth.

WhiteLightning2686d ago

Final Fantasy opening cutscene

Are you kdding me...


FF8 gets overshadowed again for the "great" "almighty" FF7, even though FF8s opening cutscene is the best in the series.

Just because FF7 was first dosen't mean it's the best, that's why I think FF7 is overrated because people tend to think that because it was the first FF game on the PS1 with those great grahics (at the time) that everything in FF7 will be superiour to any FF that comes out after it.

"On top of that, the tense combat opening of Final Fantasy 8 lost all meaning when I found out Squall and Seifer were merely in a training exercise. "

Nice excuse...

MrSpace2686d ago

Agreed. I enjoyed Final Fantasy 7 but the fact is Final Fantasy 8 did things better then it, Music, cutscenes, character development (Squalls was amazing) etc

sarabbc2686d ago

I liked airships and the world of Final Fantasy 9. Same with FFX.

consolez_FTW2686d ago

@ sarabbc

yeah, I recently re purchased FF9 on PSN and remembered that it does have some great cutscenes. Also that beginning FF10 cutscene was awesome!

sarabbc2685d ago

@consolez_FTW: The beginning of FF10 and the first time Yuna does the dance is spectacular.

NukaCola2685d ago

The original 2 Oddworld games will always be my number 1.

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tieryas2686d ago

I completely agree that 8 and 9 were technically superior and had amazing cutscenes! Not just the intro for 8, but the ballroom dance, the fight with the witch at the end of disc 1, the battle between the gardens, and on and on. At the same time, the first time I saw the opening of 7 (and this was more than a decade ago), I could not believe my eyes.

Imalwaysright2686d ago

Imo this is the best cutscene of any FF game.

tieryas2686d ago

definitely awesome cutscene!

tiffac2686d ago (Edited 2686d ago )

The difference between FF7 and FF8 is that FF7 captured the imagination of the industry back then.

No one expected it, no one has seen anything like it. So there is a certain connection that most gamers has of that time to FF7. Call it nostalgia if you will.

FF8 should be better in all aspects because its the successor to the one that started it all.

WhiteLightning2686d ago

Started it all.....You know FF7 wasn't the first FF game you know. The only difference was the graphics for being the first FF on a PS1.

"No one expected it, no one has seen anything like it. So there is a certain connection that most gamers has of that time to FF7. Call it nostalgia if you will. "

Basicaly people only like it and say it's the best because it came first...... ¬¬

tiffac2686d ago (Edited 2686d ago )

lol! Well for some it was their first FF. We have a old school joke that most JRPG gamers back then lost their virginity to FF7.

I'm not arguing with your point (I mean that ballroom dance on FF8 dropped jaws too, who wasn't a JRPG fan back then who didn't want to be called up to a dance by Riona.) all I'm saying FF7 started the standards on what a JRPG should look like for the foreseeable future. It created a trend and left its mark of gaming history that can't be denied.

It was just a game that was there at the right moment and at the right time and caught the imagination of a lot of gamers, the article maker included and there has only been a few games that has done that.

dlohnug2685d ago

I think the fact that it was a training exercise adds to the effect.

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metsgaming2686d ago

Most on this list are old games i guess if its just old games i would have to say Streets of Rage 2 ending. One of the best endings ever the music perfect for the mood.

CrescentFang2686d ago (Edited 2686d ago )

I don't play any Bioware games, but I thought they made good cinematics? (especially CGI cutscenes)

Also the thing with Lunar is that it is animated and has held up well considering it's in this person's list. Animation is by Studio Gonzo (and I think they did the animation for BlazBlue CS, but I don't own that...)

tieryas2686d ago

Agreed, Bioware has amazing cinematics.

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