The 10 Worst Games of the Last Decade

Hooked Gamers: "We have compiled a list of the ten worst games to plague the gaming world with their existence in the last 10 years. Read on at your own risk."

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cochise3132692d ago

wow the Wii has a few games on there. They should have added quantum theroy.

BiggCMan2692d ago

I knew Big Rigs would end up somewhere on here. Honestly, what goes on through the developers minds during the making of these games? They're just so shit.

Cmpunk2691d ago

quantum theory omfg noob

duke nukem is

firemassacre2692d ago

imo, im going to get tons of dissagrees, red dead redemption.

cochise3132692d ago

worst game of the decade? Are you serious? That game was beyond awesome and dlc done right. *facepalm*

xTHRASHx2692d ago

Honestly? Really? You know, funny fact, another one of our writers absolutely agrees with you. I cant see how. What is it about that game that people despise?

firemassacre2692d ago (Edited 2692d ago )

i give red dead redemption respect as a game people can enjoy, but i hated it, the deadeye, the town, pretty much everything i hated.

HeavenlySnipes2692d ago (Edited 2692d ago )

I personally see why people would love it. The scenery is nice, the voice acting, the weather/daytime cycles, and the random events are all great. I just feel the gameplay isn't that spot on. Killing the enemies isn't a challenge at all, (deadeye makes it easier) and all the mission are the same.

Follow somebody for 5 minutes on horseback, stop and kill some people. Either that, or you get 'ambushed' and have to run away on horseback and shoot them at the same time.

I played the game until a bit after *SPOILER* that lady that saves you gets kidnapped and almost hanged and you save her. (Can't remember her name).

The game definitely isn't one of the worst games of the decade. I would even give it a 9/10, it just isn't for me I guess.

EDIT: How? I set the aiming thing to expert or whatever its called. I still have the game. Might try at it again soon.

xTHRASHx2692d ago

You could actually make the aim more difficult, if im not mistaken.

I love the old west and the random feel the game had, plus I worked my ass off sitting lazily in my couch for 50 hours to get 100% in a week so this one holds a special place in my heart.

BiggCMan2692d ago

I didn't like RDR myself, but it wasn't a poorly made game by any means. I just didn't like the story, and it was just a GTA game all over again and not unique. Like I said though, it was still made well, and in the technical sense not a bad game at all. The games on this list are bad from a technical standpoint, and just overall embarrassing to the industry.

DarkTower8052692d ago

Rdr is top 10 of this gen imo. Damnation should be on that list, just a horrible broken game.

Ducky2692d ago (Edited 2692d ago )

I think everyone has some game that they just don't like despite being popular.

For me, that would be the GodOfWar series (I just can't enjoy it for some reason), for someone else it might be Half-Life, or FinalFantasy7, etc.

However, there's a difference between not liking a game and saying that it's the worst game of the last decade. The list is suited for games that are more or less universally disliked.

The Matrix2691d ago

God of War?? You seriously just offended me. ";..;"

thebudgetgamer2691d ago

while i disagree, i respect your opinion.

Anon19742691d ago (Edited 2691d ago )

I agree. Everyone has that game they just didn't enjoy. I'll never figure out for the life of me why people liked Perfect Dark. I found it boring - unbalanced, there were just so many better shooters available, and that goes for both the N64 version and the 360 version, both of which I bought because usually I love shooters.

Halo Reach also just makes me cringe. I love Halo, love the universe, totally dug the story but throwing me in the shoes of faceless grunts as they run from point a to point b while removing any levels of interest or the flood. Ugh. Then throw in weapons I've seen 100 times before in every other shooter, it felt like Bungie just phoned it in. And they way it ended just felt like a kick in the nuts after a long, arduous day. I was so disappointed.

But I won't for a second say either Perfect Dark or Halo Reach were bad games. They weren't, they just didn't work for me. And Super Mario Galaxy. Didn't like it. I like Mario, but the Wii-mote just irritated me. Same went with Zelda:TP. Wii-mote ruined those games for me. And Ratchet and Clank was boring as well to me. Ok, I'm done. Wait, and Killzone 3 is kinda disappointing single player. Haven't tried multi yet.

I'd heard of Big Rigs, but never knew what a steaming pile it actually was. Did anyone watch that video? Holy crap. I was putting out better games in my first year of game programming, and I knew next to nothing.

Philoctetes2692d ago

Oh come on. If somebody wants to tell me that they didn't enjoy RDR and it just wasn't their personal cup of tea, that's fine. But any gamer ought to be able to acknowledge that it's a well-made game. One of the worst games of the decade? That's just retarded.

Rob9462691d ago

Why bother say this? you should know it's going to make people compain to you. Fair enough you don't like the game but your honestly going to say it's one of the worst games of the decade come on that's taking it to far.

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spektical2692d ago

Rogue warrior = Number 1.

i cant believe my friend dropped $40 dollar for that POS.

e-p-ayeaH2691d ago

They look like games for smartphones.

undercovrr2691d ago

Actually smartphone games look better

jacksonmichael2691d ago

This list could have been entirely Wii games... And that can't even be trolled because even Nintendo fanboys are aware of Ninjabread Man...

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