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Sometimes it’s not the story the game tells that’s important, it’s how the story is told. Which games (old or new) have done the best job of drawing you in with how the narrative is conveyed?

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Jio2692d ago

Totally agree, most modern games now just ignore storytelling in favor of pleasing people with multiplayer, and when they do include stories it's usually done poorly.

TheDivine2692d ago

Enslaved, Alan Wake, Heavy Rain, and Mass Effect 1/2 are the best recent stories in games imo. I loved how alan wake told the story in episodes like a tv series. The mystery kept me going through the end and left me begging for more. Heavy rain was similar in the mystery aspect. HR felt like a dean koontz novel where alan wake felt like a stephen king novel, both were 2 of my favorite games ever. Lost odyssey i have to at least mention because of the dreams, you dont remember your past and every so often someone reminds you of a memory and its told through text along with beautiful artwork. Those are some of the most poignant and deep stories ive ever read not only in video games. A few will acually make you want to cry, very beautiful. Limbo while minamalistic is very powerful. The imagery and atmoshere is so dark and forboding, it makes you feel hopeless and lost. It left most of the story up to you but those are the best kinds, lets you imagine what really happened. Just a few of my fav's, id recommend everyone to play these.

HaHa_Ostrich2691d ago

I like the way Cole speaks in Infamous 2. He is often mumbling something for himself. It makes him more human and more easily to connect with.

Quagmire2691d ago

Sad to see epic/emotional SP stories go the way of the dodo in comparison to Michael Bay action sequences and mindless MP of many games.