Humble Bundle #3 Now Includes Humble Bundle #2

Those who purchased Humble Bundle #3 before today now have Humble Bundle #2, Steel Storm: Burning Retribution, and access to Minecraft to until August 14th.

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notimetobeidle2540d ago

I wonder how financially successful the Humble Bundle has been for the developers. As in, over what they would have made before the Humble Bundle's inception.

Ducky2540d ago

Everyone should buy the bundle now. Most of those games will run on any PC anyways.
... and it's for a good cause.

notimetobeidle2540d ago

That is, unless people change the sliders around. I donated all of it to developers when I got the Frozenbyte bundle. I donated all of it to charity when I got this bundle.

DNAbro2539d ago

still no matter what it's a good cause. support indie devs and charity

kesvalk2540d ago

this is why i love indie development...

BinaryMind2540d ago (Edited 2540d ago )