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Grant of Writes:

"Since Catherine released, I don’t think I’ve seen so many people playing the same game as me at the same time. This is also a win for Atlus, but it would appear difficulty fears have got the best of everyone. So far I’ve yet to meet someone on hard and most people seem to be taking the easy route. Most people thought Demon Souls was hard but in my opinion this is even harder. Due to this, offering some tips only made sense! So if you’re having issues playing perhaps consider some of the following."

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rrquinta2663d ago

Babel is really tough. I still haven't beaten the first level yet. But I keep trying...

admiralvic2663d ago

Babel takes a bit of luck and a LOT of skill. That video was from me playing on day two and last time I watched it... well I didnt see a better path. (Though I see a better chance at getting up there) If you're having problems play Ob because I found that one the most simple (if you understand it). Keep trying though! Sooner or later you will either get better or finish it :3

rrquinta2663d ago

Yeah, it definitely requires a lot of skill and a bit of luck. The worst (most frustrating part) is when you make a mistake and it ruins everything. I'm definitely going to keep trying, though.

admiralvic2663d ago

Yeah... I got to expand upon this post >< I just got the platinum... so it IS doable.

rrquinta2663d ago

Wow, really? I guess if you have gold on everything and skip the cutscenes you can get through the other replays quickly. How many endings are there? (I don't want to know them, just curious the number.)

admiralvic2663d ago

Yeah, but getting the endings isnt the hard part. I spent more time on Babel than all the story trophies combined EASY.

There are 8 total though. 2 good, 2 (3) bad, 2 (3) true, and 2 free (tech these are good/true, but I think the 8 is from this breakdown). They're not all that amazing and Catherine's true was my favorite. Some of them like Free 1 and 2 are exactly the same, but the 2nd has another cut scene. The same is true for Catherine, but Katherine gets a WHOLE new scene (or it looked new to me XD when you game as much as me sometimes its just a blur).

I will tell you once you gold everything you can transverse the game in under an hour and if you make 3 saves (good/bad/even) and save at 9-2 (Bad/free) and 9-4 (Good/true if you go that path.) you can get them all in no time.

paybackprahl2663d ago

Nice tips man, thanks. Second playthrough ftw